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SNB’s IMF data

This link on the SNB website shows the data the central bank provides to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). It indicates the SNB Forex and gold reserves in the last month. The data delivery is called “IMF Special Data Dissemination Standard (SNB Data)”

It is released together with the international investment position, some monetary aggregates and the balance of payments. It is transmitted to the International Monetary Fund and disclosed to the public. Again there is an archive. So one can compare the change from month to month.


Data for monetary aggregates


Inside this data release there are for example M0 and M1.
M0 represents debt for the central that allows to finance currency interventiosn.

IMF M0 and M1 April 2015

 Data for currency reserves


IMF SNB April 2015




George Dorgan, snbchf.com

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