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What is it like to work in Switzerland?

Switzerland has a strong economy, low inflation, low national debt and a low unemployment rate. It’s hard to believe that only a few generations ago, Switzerland was poor and many had to leave to find work abroad. In this episode of 'Switzerland Explained' we look at how the job market has dramatically transformed since then and continues to change.

In the 19th century, the country’s textile and chemical industry started taking off, followed by the machine industry and the banking sector. But it was only after World War II that people living in poor cantons stopped seeking work in other countries as a matter of course.

Today Switzerland has become an internationally popular workplace, with jobs in information services, finance, or pharmaceuticals as well as in the clothing or gastronomy sector. It’s home to many global companies and international organisations. The average wage for a full-time job is CHF6,500 ($7,190) per month. But the cost of living in Switzerland is high. 

A major factor in the stability of the Swiss workforce is the country's vocational education and training system. Although unemployment rose in 2020 due to the pandemic, Switzerland generally has one of the lowest youth unemployment rates in Europe, which in 2019 amounted to around 4.58%. 
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  1. usama Tariq

    Its so hard and impossible to get into the Swissland. I always wish to get there for prospect in my life. But, conditions are so arduous for non-EU states and specially, for third world countries like Pakistan. Anyhow, maybe in future I get opportunity to work there no matter what would be the conditions.

    1. Saibal Ghosh

      stick with ummah bro. you people already making eu really intolerant toward all it its immigrants. boycott eu as you people r boycotting france. france people here wishing all muslims will together leave france for ever as a greater boycott and its not happening. by the way building mosqe in switzerland is not that easy. and this country is not politically correct and here liberals has no nexus with global islamist. insulting religion is a granted right by constitution and drawing picture or mocking any religious figure is just a normal matter here.

    2. Csaba Famin

      Did you try uae?

    3. usama Tariq

      @Saibal Ghosh are u indian? or swiss citizen?

    4. Saibal Ghosh

      @usama Tariq i am a indian Norwegian, i have nothing against your faith bro. i have no problem with any religion. but islam is not compatible in western open society despite millions of muslim are living in europe. what is the point to destroy a beautiful tolerant civilization? in order to have a prosperous life you still can be in a very rich muslim countries where you wont be feeling anything un islamic or will never getting offended.

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