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Why Invest in GOLD? – Philipp Vorndran


Is GOLD the ultimate money? Why invest in it? Philipp Vorndran explains. Philipp Vorndran is the investment strategist at Flossbach von Storch from Cologne, Germany. Before 2009 he served as the global chief strategist at Credit Suisse Asset Management as well as the CEO of Credit Suisse Asset Management Germany for 11 years. Philipp Vorndran started his professional career at Julius Baer, where he among other things headed the derivatives division. He studied business administration at the University of Würzburg and remained there as the research assistant of Prof. Dr. Ekkehard Wenger.

The interview with Philipp Vorndran, who is known for pursuing quite simple investment principles and advocating for them in the general audience, was recorded on October 7, 2020. The printed version of this thought provoking talk has been published at 'Moje Finance', the leading personal finance monthly magazine in Slovenia.

Philipp Vorndran, interviewee:

Bostjan Usenik, interviewer & producer of the channel:

Domen Pavlic, co-interviewer:

Printed version of the interview in 'Moje Finance:

Photo courtesy:

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