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The ultimate home trading station and office tour

In a look at the ultimate trading station and home office, Adam Button from ForexLive offers a tour of his setup. During the height of the coronavirus pandemic, this is a look at an unrivaled home office for trading forex or anything else. When people see the trading station what jumps out is the 8 computer monitors and a giant sit-stand desk but it’s the little details that make or break a home trading office. This tour talks about those and all the other things you need to make a great home office.

For audio, see this video on a ducker:


Attacking Currency Trends:

Murphy: Technical Analysis:

Extraordinary popular delusions:

Currency trading and intermarket analysis:

Hedge fund market wizards:

Mind over markets:

Trading in the zone:

And the money kept rolling in (and out):


Logitech speakers:




Wireless phone charger:

David Krejci stanley cup bobblehead (the most important element!):

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  1. Don Fluffles

    hold on ! COVID19 Haircut 💇‍♂️🤣🤣🤣hilarious as i also did the same last week.

  2. Fred Junior

    Rock n roll on that home theater and wall street movie collections for the heads up Adam.
    Thanks for the tour. The trading station awesome Adam.

  3. Amadeus L.

    Wow, I was an intern at Commerzbank trading floor and people had 6 monitors at max IIRC. I had 3… I really admire if you can track all of these, it's a lot of information. Btw. is that a Bloomberg terminal?

    1. Adam Button

      It sure is

  4. Some Guy

    This is the setup of someone montioring the markets, like a squawk. You don't need anywhere near this unless you are literally a market maker. If you are watching this and think this is the gold standard, it really isn't.

  5. H Magique

    Liking the Janet Yellen 'Rock & Roll' T Shirt

  6. Ash Cee

    Great video Adam. Really neat trading setup! Thanks for sharing

  7. Nick Jordan

    Sweet set up mate. I too run 8 monitors and have done forever as i realised what i like to call "page fatigue" was a problem and i would miss important info. Btw, your call an hour before the AUD flash crash a few weeks back was impeccable. Hats off to you Adam 🙂

    1. Adam Button

      Thanks Nick!

  8. Charles Ferraris

    I want all that Forexlive merch!!!

  9. Learning Wisdom

    Awesome video! One thing that amazes me is how some people can direct their focus so quickly to the relevant task. With so much information presented to you simultaneously, how do you decide what to focus on because it takes time to switch between tasks and charts etc? Maybe that is easier after acquiring lots of experience. Great video. I liked how certain things gave meaning and expressed your values and interests such as the paintings.

    1. Adam Button

      You slowly go crazy, that's for sure.

  10. Malcolm MacMillan — The Ballpark Guide

    This is awesome! Nice job, buddy!

  11. bobbychariot1980

    Use the couch more Adam 😂

  12. Hangeldi Ashyrov

    very good office

  13. Sergio&Olha

    I like the cardboard solution)) Also thank you for going through the books, Adam. Eager to see more content from all of you guys! Thanks for sharing

  14. vlad istrate

    Thank you for sharing Adam! Looking forward for your other tour!

  15. Urbana

    Hi Adam, awesome video. Is the bull the bear and the baboon worth a read too? Best regards from UK. PS would be great if you did a forex book review video.

    1. Adam Button

      Great book

  16. seanaldmcseansington

    ultimate rona rig

  17. s m

    u talk way too much

  18. Martin Beck

    You say the stand is Ergotron and you can save a lot of money. What model Ergotron? Saving money, do you mean by choosing a different brand?

  19. darcts17

    Hi Adams, I have to agree with the importance of hard wiring!! My wireless mouse failed on me once and resulted in some very painful moments.
    And of course the rams!! 🙂 Keep your videos coming! Enjoyed watching them!!

  20. sanjay verma

    Hi could you please share the configuration of your both desktop

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