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Bron Suchecki on the US Election and Its Impact on Aussie Gold Investors


Shae Russell speaks to Bron Suchecki from ABC Bullion.

They discuss the impact of the US election on Australian investors and the gold price. Bron believes that in the long term the US election is just a blip and would not have a major impact on the gold price considering the macroeconomic issues being faced would not change. They discuss the short-term volatility in gold and the smart money that has flowed into it. Bron believes the speculators are having a little bit of impact in the market based on the election and drop off in covid concerns. In the long term, he believes that gold will continue to go up…

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Bron Suchecki, Senior Precious Metals Analyst of ABC Bullion:

Now it’s time for an Australian’s point of view. Bron Suchecki needs little introduction to the Rock Stock Insider audience. We’ve spoken a handful of times before. And I have sought out his opinion once again. For two reasons. After Jim, Bron happens to be one of our most-watched interviewees.

There are few people that know the Aussie gold market like Bron does. He’s been working in the Australian gold bullion market for over two decades. Or in ‘gold terms’, that’s two bear markets and one bull market…

Because of his extensive experience, he tells investors to look past the election noise.

Essentially, the next eight weeks of the US election is a blip for gold. As Bron says today, ‘the long-term structural problems will remain’. No matter who is elected, or the policies that follow, they provide support for a rising gold price over the long term.

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Bron Suchecki
Bron Suchecki has worked in the precious metals markets since 1994, when he joined the Perth Mint as an Administration Officer in their Sydney retail outlet. In 1998 he moved to Perth to work in the then fledgling Depository division. He has held a number of roles since then in the treasury, risk and governance areas of the Mint. All posts are Bron's personal opinion and not endorsed by the Perth Mint in any way.
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