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Serviço de defesa no livre mercado | Por: Murray N. Rothbard

Conheça todo meu trabalho e formas de apoia-lo

A liberdade é inevitável!!

Esse vídeo foi apoiado por :
Allan Ricardo,Nicola Occhipinti Magalhães, Douglas Otoni, Átila Balzer Piekarski, Patrick Tracanelli, Artur Pereira de Lima, Vinícius Perini, Ricardo Ariel Nasatto, Thiago Carneiro Ribeiral, Luis Otavio Oliveira da Matta, Lucas Terass, Lucas Terassi, Carlos Oliveira, Leonardo José Consoni

Muito obrigado:)

Are you the author?
Murray N. Rothbard
Murray Rothbard was born March 2, 1926, the son of David and Rae Rothbard. He was a brilliant student even as a young child; and his academic record at Columbia University, where he majored in mathematics and economics, was stellar. In the Columbia economics department, Rothbard did not receive any instruction in Austrian economics, and Mises was no more than a name to him. In a course on price theory given by George Stigler, however, he encountered arguments against such then popular measures as price and rent control. These arguments greatly appealed to him; and he wrote to the publisher of a pamphlet that Stigler and Milton Friedman had written on rent control.
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