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Precious Metals Nowhere Near Cycle Highs – Brace for Gains!


GoldCore’s Mark O’Byrne interviewed by the Wealth Research Group talking about the start of a new bull run for gold and silver and answering the following questions…

What investors are currently buying
The importance of owning physical gold
Comparing golds performance with previous highs
Investors motivations for purchasing gold
Are people fearing the size of the national debt, inflation or deflation?
Silver’s volatility and how to allocate it in your portfolio
The effect of Covid-19 on precious metals supply chains and physical premiums

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Mark has a B.A. in History and Greek and Roman Civilisation from University College Dublin, and this gives me an insight and a prism with which to view today’s turbulent world. He is a regular contributor to media internationally and takes part in the Reuters, CNBC, and Bloomberg gold and precious metal surveys. GoldCore is now an acknowledged expert on precious metals, and their research is respected as informative and enlightening

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GoldCore was founded in 2003 and has become one of the leading bullion brokers in the world for both delivery and storage.
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