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We Have The Power To End Gold Price Suppression – Chris Powell of GATA Interview Part 2

- "Over the long term, justice, fairness and decency will prevail ... that is the history of seen in the ascent of man ... things tend to get better over the long term ..."

- The price suppression of gold and other natural resources has "real world consequences for the majority of the people on this planet ..."

- "We are fighting all the money and the power in the world ..."

- CALL To ACTION: Precious metals suppression is only possible if gold buyers and investors give their money & energy to Wall Street and keep money in banks and in proxy gold such as ETF gold, digital gold and even gold mining shares. End this for once and for all by selling proxy gold and taking delivery of your bullion or owning coins and bars in fully allocated and fully segregated storage.


- "When you own gold, you are fighting every central bank in the world ... you are also fighting for free and transparent markets, honesty among government and fair dealing among nations"

- Suppressing of precious metals and natural resource prices has badly impacted not just investors and companies but entire nations

- Why gold manipulation is far from a victim less crime and has contributed to the massive poverty we see in most of Africa and other developing nations today

- "We don’t worship the golden calf or the silver bull..."

- Most gold advocates and buyers are libertarians who strongly believe in liberty for all and that having accountable government and free and transparent markets are vital in the cause of human liberty

- "We want the government to answer our questions"

- PRICE MANIPULATIONS ALWAYS FAIL as the forces and supply and demand exert themselves - this is especially the case when there is a global market place and massive global demand and constricted supply of a rare, finite resource such as gold

- How and when will the gold and silver manipulation end?

- Global currency reset and gold $10k+; a new bull market and or managed retreat a la 2000 to 2011 or a global economic and market collapse, financial repression and the prohibition and confiscation of vaulted gold in the US and some other western nations?

- "The DOLLAR SYSTEM will FAIL because it is against the interests of too many people and countries in the world"

- Well done Chris and Bill on highlighting these vitally important issues over the years

- "It is always darkest before the dawn but oh what a beautiful golden dawn awaits us ! "

- Follow GATA for the hugely important information imparted by them, subscribe, donate on


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