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Is this the best setup for gold investing ever? Dan Tapiero Interview

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John Mauldin
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  1. CLC077

    e nuff…..

  2. Darren

    That’s what they said last week

  3. John D

    I first thought this was recorded in September 2018

  4. Robert M

    China's selling because they need hard currency. Gold went technically negative. People are liquidating any and all assets for cash.

    1. Dale Holmgren

      True, the date you said this (3/23/20). Since then, gold has gone up $250/oz in 3 weeks. So sad for you!

    2. Quentin Lewis

      Proof that Gold is a strong monetary asset. Like any asset, liquidity is important. So holding enough "real" liquid assets (like actual cash) is important in those times when you need it for cash flow. If you NEED money NOW, you need cash….when high stress times come and cash is required, the saying is that the correlation of ALL assets goes to one. So cash flow is king and properly sizing your liquidity for your needs (even stress needs) is the key. (no one does well selling ANYTHING at a fire sale)

  5. Robert M

    I fell asleep listening to Dan ramble on and on. Today's dynamics are totally different than the backdrops he's looking back to.

  6. opentrunks

    If I never hear the word "narrative" again it'll be too soon.

  7. Quentin Lewis

    What is also going to be a "newish" bit is the rejuvenation in the interest of Gold by the retail saver / investor. That is the point when things might rise quicker, and this is probably the point to start sell into the mania. (never sell it all….just take some profits)

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