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Investor Watch 2024: Cyber Espionage & National Security Threats | Karim Hijazi

Intelligence expert Karim Hijazi says the online threats to our national security go well beyond TikTok. They are vast, largely invisible, and ever-present—and AI is only amplifying this.

Karim is the founder/CEO of cybersecurity firm Vigilocity, and we connected through Renè Aninao, the managing partner of CORBŪ.

Karim and I discuss how cyberspace has become the primary medium for spycraft and warfare among advanced nations. He says we are in a “new Cold War” that is “even more cold than it was before because it's under the surface in a fairly murky and nebulous and cryptic world that most people just don't understand.” And he backs that up with a stream of concrete examples.

You will also hear how cyberattacks produce kinetic damage, why your personal laptop might be a bigger target than you’d think, and where Karim sees investment opportunities developing in the cybersecurity space.

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Time stamps:
00:00 – Introduction
01:14 – Advanced persistent threats, or “APTs”
03:47 – Why “phishing” is just the first step in attacks
07:59 – The evolution of modern espionage
10:37 – How small individual targets turn into national threats
16:10 – How cyberattacks create kinetic outcomes
18:44 – How national adversaries and cybercriminals work together
22:40 – What happens in a cyberwar among superpowers?
26:50 – US national cyber defense strategy
32:26 – Investment implications
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