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New LOCKDOWNS WILL NOT WORK – They Will Destroy The Economy!

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Daniel Lacalle
Daniel Lacalle has a PhD in Economics and is author of Escape from the Central Bank Trap, Life in the Financial Markets, and The Energy World Is Flat.
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  1. Bitchute is better than Youtube

    I was pro-lockdown until i seen the data between competing methods and now im anti-lockdown. Shame politicians cant admit when theyre wrong. Its ok to try something when you dont know. But repeating it when you do is unforgivable

  2. haggaid900

    As I knew what was going to occur, the lockdown put the economy into a coma…to say the least…Nevada was 90% down. No gaming, tourism, or other things. It was just basic things, such as medical, major retail, and government.

  3. Frank Rem

    Does NTD business have its own channel? I would love to see interviews with other guests.

  4. Finance & Economics

    What if destroying the economy is the intended effect? It seems to me there is a grander purpose behind all of this.

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