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COLLAPSE: Half Of European Businesses May Go BUST

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Daniel Lacalle
Daniel Lacalle has a PhD in Economics and is author of Escape from the Central Bank Trap, Life in the Financial Markets, and The Energy World Is Flat.
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  1. MATS Food INsider

    100% right on your analysis

  2. cbbb gbbb

    Mr. Lacalle why is the Euro going up against the dollar? how long will this continue? Regards

  3. Rafael Trócoli de Toro

    Mr Lacalle, which small businesses would you exonerate of taxes? As it could be the case that some of them will file for bankruptcy after the pandemic due to their business model and not because of the Covid. Thanks!

  4. haggaid900

    The small businesses across the world are the businesses that are getting screwed…by everything because big business can get government deals while medium businesses are big enough to survive and get access to state and local level government help…

  5. Akaki

    Nos vamos al guano

  6. Pete Hamann

    Smash them under lockdowns and give them "Access to credit" to live. Sounds like the mob showing up at your shop and telling you "Nice place you got here. Would be a shame if something happened to it."

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