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7 things I wish I knew when I built my first home trading office

In an earlier video, Adam Button from ForexLive took you through his ultimate home office set-up ( In this video, Adam talks about 7 things to do if you're serious about building an office at home. Whether it's a forex trading office or for work in general, you want to do it right and these home office building tips are key.


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  1. Kannapiran R.P

    Thank you sir

  2. Tudor Conciu

    20 degrees……. you must be Canadian :)))

  3. Thunderbird

    Thanks Adam, Great Video!
    p.s. would be interested in seeing your home theater setup. I had home theater going back 30 years, but gave up a few years back because I got tired keeping up with fast-paced changes in technology. Now I just stream tv and youtube over my trading station in the off-hours.

    1. Adam Button

      It got way out of hand. It started as a little project and then got $$$$

  4. Baby G

    Great timing and content adam, was thinking of upgrading my setup recently, this is probably the most detailed and informative video on youtube, many I came across didn't even cover half of the pointers in here. Many thanks 🙂

    1. Adam Button


  5. ali Farahmand Hasanzadeh

    Thank you a lot. Super helpful!

  6. Dennis de Vos

    How do you know when you have a power outage. Do you get some kind of a signal? Before backup will run out of power

    1. depth386

      Dennis de Vos yeah usually the battery pack makes a very loud beep when it switches to using the cells instead of the wall power. Edit: I have seen some that can communicate with software via USB and I wouldn’t be surprised to see potential notifications in the desktop and/or your phone. Besides, all the other crap in your house still turns off.

    2. Dennis de Vos

      @depth386 ah okay…yeah i know other stuff in the house will shut down. But with daylight and when there is no other stuff in the room than my pc using power then the backup power should give some sort of notification like you said. Thanks for answering

    3. Adam Button

      It makes a loud beep

    4. depth386

      Dennis de Vos If it comes down to it buy one of those $10 radio alarm clocks and plug it in to the wall directly bypassing the battery backup. That’s a great indicator: Dead when power is out, flashing when there has been an interruption.

  7. Martin Zhekov

    Adam, which broker do you use, if it’s not a secret?

  8. Gian Mbeg

    Great advises, I bet to it is hard to manage to trade when you're busy into updating many news .. you guys are great _ Thanks

    1. Adam Button

      It kinda becomes part of the routine…and then you don't want to trade it. Writing so much forces me to think about things a bit more deeply too

  9. Christian Howett

    I would love more educational videos!

  10. ayush aggarwal

    We traders dont play kid games. Our favorite games ….. CQG, TT and NinjaT

    1. Adam Button


  11. depth386

    How do you back-up internet? Cellular USB stick? I’ve had back up power and wired everything for years but those are the low hanging fruit

  12. Reason

    Also need multi-core PCs these days. At least i7.

    1. PhilGroene

      Sorry, but your comment doesn't make much sense. Multi core are standard and i7 is top of the line not minimum

  13. Learning Wisdom

    Great video!! I’ve always wondered though if you take more longer term trades (days and weeks duration) or short term trades (opening and closing positions within a day). I’m learning a lot from FXL by reading the teams analysis. My favourite parts are the summaries at the end of each session with all the links and summary comment on the session.

  14. Trad Mil

    Hi Adam, great insights, thank you! Just one comment, I believe that GPU along with RAM is very important for platforms like Thinkorswim specially when using more than 4 monitors.

  15. Duo Challenge


  16. danhayai

    Hey Adam
    Thank for another excellent video!
    Which news channel do you watch?

  17. Ent doctor online

    Hellow guys how are you

  18. Ent doctor online

    Sir its very difficult to see on forex live you are paid content..i miss ur analysis on are gold master

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