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Gold $5,000, Bank & Digital Risk, Bitcoin & Cryptos, Storing Gold In Switzerland & GoldCore’s Story

◆“Don’t just count your bullion coins and bars … count your blessings”
◆ Dale Pinkert of interviews Mark O’Byrne about GoldCore, gold’s outlook, bank and electronic risk, bitcoin and cryptos and Swiss storage
◆ Gold is 20% higher year to date and the best performing asset in the world
◆ Gold is 8% higher in August and may correct in the short term so cost average
◆ Deutsche Bank is a “basket case” and share price has collapsed to all time low (see chart in video)
◆ Banks in Italy, Ireland and other European nations may go the way of ‘Lehman’ and this makes depositors vulnerable to deposit confiscation bail-ins
◆ Bank deposit “guarantees” are arbitrary round numbers and will almost certainly be reduced from €100,000, £80,000, $250,000 etc
◆Bitcoin is not a proven store of value and crypto currencies are speculative assets. Most will collapse and question is which ones survive
◆ A secure, trusted gold backed currency may become the “crypto currency of choice” and become a real store of value
◆ Important to be mindful of electronic (including electromagnetic pulse or EMP risk), hacking and digital risk and not have all your eggs in “digital baskets”
◆ Rothschild’s warning of the “greatest monetary experiment in history” is understood by the ‘smart money’ who are diversifying into gold bullion again
◆ Important to take delivery of some gold bullion and own gold outside of one’s home country and Switzerland remains the safest and most liquid jurisdiction

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Mark, Stephen and the GoldCore team

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About GoldCore
GoldCore was founded in 2003 and has become one of the leading bullion brokers in the world for both delivery and storage.
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