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British Pound To Devalue Sharply Due To Massive £5 Trillion Plus Debt

- While all the focus is on Brexit, the UK faces a debt and currency crisis

- Total UK national debt surges over £2 trillion - increasing at over £5k per second

- True level of UK government debt exceeds £5 trillion as pension liabilities not in official numbers

- Diversify and own gold in the most cost effective way (CGT free gold sovereigns and gold and silver Britannias in the UK) and safest way (fully segregated)

- UK has over $8T in external debt: 2nd largest debtor in the world after the U.S.

- Total debt (government, private, business & bank debt) as a percentage of GDP is over 500%

- Total UK debt could total £6.7 trillion by 2023, rising to nearly 260% of GDP - PWC

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