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AM Bron Suchecki Interview – Gold as Forex, and Bond Portfolio Balancing Implications

I invited Bron Suchecki from the Perth Mint ( for a conversational interview at the end of 2013. Here is the interview video, RNP #92 dated 13 December 2013.
I tried to make this into a different type of conversation from what is often found in the blogosphere, by virtue of concentrating on the implications which derive from gold having status as an international foreign currency in every country at the same time. So many gold traders regard gold as “a safe haven” or a bet against the debt” or ” a play against the dollar”. Well I guess all these things apply to a degree, but if gold is a foreign currency, then it must compete on interest rates and forex strength against other currencies, and ESPECIALLY against the bond market in those currencies.
Bron was very helpful and together we bring these relationships to light.
Bron’s Blog is at:
RhythmNPrice by Argentus Maximus is at
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AM provides a stream of daily commentary on the gold and silver market in the TFMR Forum The Setup For The Big Trade:
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Bron Suchecki
Bron Suchecki has worked in the precious metals markets since 1994, when he joined the Perth Mint as an Administration Officer in their Sydney retail outlet. In 1998 he moved to Perth to work in the then fledgling Depository division. He has held a number of roles since then in the treasury, risk and governance areas of the Mint. All posts are Bron's personal opinion and not endorsed by the Perth Mint in any way.
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