PurseStrings: New Proven Ways of Reaching the Hearts and Minds of Female Consumers

The concept of Marketing to Women is not new. But many brands are still failing to embrace the proven principles of reaching and connecting with female consumers. Two of the world’s most recognized thought leaders on the subject have joined forces in this explosive look at why brands and organizations are failing to connect with the consumer segment making the majority of purchase decisions – women. PurseStrings reveals new, proven ways to reach women and lifts the lid on some of the advertising industry’s most guarded secrets. You’ll learn: • Why the wealth of today’s female consumer is at the tipping point and how your brand can ride the wave of growth over the next five years • The advertising industry’s dirty little secret and the four characters still hiding in the creative department of every major advertising agency • That social media is really just about connecting and sharing – two things that come naturally to women • How to leverage PR and other low-cost media to grow your brand • Why getting your brand’s name on the Friday night dinner party conversation list is the key to increasing market share • The latest insights about women at different life stages • What moms secretly want marketers to know but are afraid to tell them • Why 50+ women feel invisible and misunderstood and what you can do about it • The proven three-phase model for marketing to women

Author: Amanda Stevens, Thomas Jordan,

Binding: Paperback

EAN: 9780615518602

Condition: New

Manufacturer: Amanda Stevens Pty, Limited

Number of pages: 250

Product group: Book

Studio: Amanda Stevens Pty, Limited

Publication Date: 2011-10-18

Publisher: Amanda Stevens Pty, Limited

Pages: 250

ISBN: 0615518605

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