Dilbert 2017 Wall Calendar

The next time your own Pointy-Haired Boss asks if you’re expecting any unforeseen problems, simply take a quick glance at your Dilbert 2017 calendar and make convincing reassurances that everything is under control thanks to the company’s brilliant leadership. It won’t really help with inane questions like that, of course, but you’ll look impressive, and it’ll give you another excuse to check out a Dilbert cartoon and remind yourself that things could be worse.

An entire year of dodges and feeling better about your job are in this wall calendar featuring a blown-out character and a pithy quote. It also includes a free badge holder.

Author: Scott Adams

Edition: Wal

Binding: Calendar

EAN: 9781449476663

Condition: New

Manufacturer: Andrews McMeel Publishing

Number of items: 1

Number of pages: 24

Product group: Book

Studio: Andrews McMeel Publishing

Publication Date: 2016-06-07

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

Pages: 24

ISBN: 144947666X

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