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Snap Goes The Economy

“…the macro environment has deteriorated further and faster than we anticipated when we issued our quarterly guidance last month.” -Snap CEO Evan Spiegel

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The Lifeline of Markets – Liquidity Defined

Dow Jones Industrial Average, Dec 1986 - 1987

We recently read an analogy in which the author compares the current state of asset prices to an airplane flying at 50,000 feet. Unfortunately, we cannot find the article and provide a link. The gist is market valuations are flying at an abnormally high altitude. While our market plane cannot sustain such heights in the long run, there is little reason to suspect it will fall from the sky either.

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Taper Is Coming: Got Bonds?

Taper Is Coming: Got Bonds? The solid economic recovery and easing of COVID restrictions lead us to believe a tapering of QE may not be far off. Further supporting our opinion, inflation has fully recovered to pre-pandemic levels, and employment is improving rapidly.

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The Battle Royale: Stocks vs. Bonds (Which Is Right?)

Peak S&P Earnings vs Actual Earnings, 1980-2020

The Battle Royale: Stocks vs. Bonds. The S&P 500 is at valuations higher than those in 1929 and rival those of 1999. Despite a recession, the index is 25% above where it was trading before the pandemic. The equity stampede is undoubtedly bullish about corporate earnings prospects and, by default, economic growth.  

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