Bloomberg Business Week May 10 – May 16, 2010 (Cover feature) Worth it? The Endangered Future of Offshorte Drilling

James Warren, “The Hole in High School Equivalency”
Technology: Social Media’s New Mantra: Location, Location, Location – Inside Google’s Surprising Redesign
Companies: The Most Overpaid CEOs
Etc. “The Secret Cult of Office Smokers
Michelle Obama vs. Big Food
the Futility of Airline Mergers
Roger McNamee’s Road Show
Harvard B-Schools’ New Dean
Charlie Rose and Jimmy Lee

Author: The Departed Paul M. Barrett, Mohamed El-Erian Tom Keene,

Edition: Issue No. 478

Binding: Single Issue Magazine

Manufacturer: Bloomberg LP

Product group: Book

Studio: Bloomberg LP

Publication Date: 2010

Publisher: Bloomberg LP

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