Immoral Symphony

How do a successful surgeon and a senator’s administrative assistant find themselves with Lafayette Park as their residence? Dr. Mark Puccini and Maddie Chapelle are among the homeless who call the area across from the White House home. Following a turbulent first meeting in the park, they become allies with a common goal. Together they encounter the powerful Project 1947 whose goal is to control the population by intervening in politics through assassinations and worse. Working with Senator Pope, Mark and Maddie develop and advocate health care legislation for the indigent. The Senator’s drug-addicted wife and his womanizing bring political chaos to the effort. Project 1947 becomes a force to be reckoned with up to the level of the President. Elements of suspicion and dismay lead Mark and Maddie toward an uncertain future.

Author: Bill Bonner (Author) and Terri DuLong

Edition: First

Binding: Kindle Edition

Manufacturer: Salem Paterson Press

Number of pages: 308

Product group: eBooks

Studio: Salem Paterson Press

Publication Date: 2013-08-28

Publisher: Salem Paterson Press

Pages: 308

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