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‘Next generation’ private bank plans to open doors in Switzerland

The Swiss financial sector has been leaking banks in recent years.

A new private banking venture has joined the growing list of companies applying for licenses from the Swiss financial regulator. Tallyon aims to become a “next generation” private bank, riding the way of “radical change” in the industry.

“Banking is to be redefined, and the use of technology should ensure that employees and customers receive a higher esteem than many banks do today,” says chairman David Bisang, who last year founded the blockchain company Heymate.

But Tallyon is remaining tight-lipped about how exactly it plans to “democratise” private banking in Switzerland, other than a reliance on new technology that will release it from the “legacy burdens” of “outdated IT infrastructure” that currently afflict traditional banks.

Bisang has teamed up with Alain Kunz, who founded Swiss blockchain firm TokenSuisse. Bisang declined to comment on the intended role of blockchain or crypto assets in the Tallyon venture. Further details will only be given if the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) awards a full banking license.

Tallyon plans to start in Zurich but states it wants to follow up with other branches and has its eye on Asian markets.

Earlier this year, FINMA granted bank licenses to crypto banks Sygnum and SEBA. Crypto financial services firm Bitcoin Suisse has also applied for such a license

Other entities, such as Mt Pelerin and Initium are also waiting in queue while Yapeal intends to launch a digital bank if it gets a fintech license.

The number of banks in Switzerland has been steadily declining for a number of yearsexternal link, falling from 275 in 2014 to 248 last year. The number of private banks fell from 163 in 2010 to 101 at the start of this year.

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When not covering banks, tax disputes, trade, Brexit, the World Economic Forum and FIFA,'s business correspondent can be found playing cricket on various grounds in Switzerland - including the frozen lake of St Moritz. Initials: mga
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