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  1. Ole Olesen

    Some Correctioins according to MY INFORMATION

    Bank of England was Nationalized in 1947 post WW 2 after having been a PRIVATE BANK since 1695
    Many believe that is so .. but it is NOT !
    BOE is controlled by a FUND with 100 Shares nominally set at 1 Pound
    of which 50 Shares were sold immidiately into PRIVATE Hands in 1974 in the last days of Premier Edward Heath .. the aleeged PEDOPHILE
    … Since then the Shareholdership of Bank of England has been classified as a National SECRET
    and NOONE knows if may be 1 additional share ..or more …. was sold ….

    The Federal Reserve > according to researcher Eric Samuelson, as of November, 1997, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (which completely dominates the other eleven branches through stock ownership, control, influence, having the only permanent voting seat on the Federal Open Market Committee and by handling all open market bond transactions), which has 19,752,655 shares outstanding, was majority-owned by two banks – Chase Manhattan bank (now merged with Chemical Bank) with 6,389,445 shares or 32.35%, and Citibank, N.A., with 4,051,851 shares or 20.51%.
    Together those two banks own 10,441,295 shares or 52.86%: majority control.
    It is well known WHO holds the CONTROLLING Interest in JP Morgan Chase Manhattan as well as CITY Bank
    Also the TRUE Shareholdership of The Federal Reserve Bank has by US High Court been classified a STATE SECRET

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