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Ronan Manly: Paper Gold Scheme Unraveling Now

#RonanManly: Paper #Gold Scheme Is Nearing Its End

The primary question everybody in the gold and #silver markets wants to know is “when will the price manipulation end.” And if that’s what you’re wondering as well, you’re going to want to watch this interview with renowned gold market expert Ronan Manly of Bullion Star.

He’s one of the analysts closest to the #LBMA liquidity situation, and in this part of our interview he provides a shocking answer as to just how close he thinks the scheme is to unraveling. As well where he thinks the price of gold will be by the end of the year, which trust me, you’re going to want to hear.

So if you want the latest update about what’s really going on behind the scenes of the gold market click to watch the video now!

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Interview by #ChrisMarcus of #ArcadiaEconomics on April 2, 2020:

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Ronan Manly
Ronan Manly is an investment professional and research analyst with an interest in the monetary gold market. His career has taken him from Dublin to London, New York, and Frankfurt, in roles spanning portfolio management, stockbroking, and technology, working for companies including Dimensional Fund Advisors and Morgan Stanley. In his time, Ronan has collected various economic and finance degrees, most recently a Master's in Finance from London Business School.
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