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Ludwig von Mises on (the Standards of) gold, free market and totalitarianism. And the only 2 choices

The greatest economist of the 20-th century Ludwig von Mises
on (the Standards of) gold, free market (capitalism ideology) and totalitarianism (Social ideology).
And on the only 2 choices that we (the today’s) ppl have – in the 3rd decade of the 21 century!

The Gold Standard should be restored! Yes, really!
And we as ppl, if truly rational, ought to get rid of the Social(istic) [Standard of) ideology! Why?
Because this ideology is DOOMED to fail. It’s essence is failure.
Its irrational & UNpractical, which means that it cannot exist in the long term! Absolutely!
So, don’t be a cynic, do forget about the (socialfication of) welfarism!
The (Standard of) Social ideology is ALWAYS leading to destruction! Total economic destruction.
History has proven that many times!

“Cynics dispose of the advocacy of a restitution of the gold standard by calling it utopian.
Yet we have only the choice between two utopias: the utopia of a market economy, not paralysed by government sabotage, on the one hand, and the utopia of totalitarian all-round planning on the other hand. The choice of the first alternative implies the decision in favour of the gold standard.”” (Ludwig von Mises)

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in which video,
von Mises (in his book “Human action”) describes
OUR not so far away (& not good) FUTURE in THE monetary context:
the destruction of all currencies (via huge inflation),
because of the stupid economic policies of (ever increasing debt & helicopter money supply in) all States/countires in the world & their (instrument:) Central banksters.
Oh, that evil Social ideology, that produces the destructive SSocial SStandard!
Oh, that evil model of (the unicorn economic polices of the) Social(istic) State!
So, beware, be aware!
The 20’s of the 21 century will most probably become the roaring times of this century!
The value of all the currencies is most likely to be reduced (close) to zero!
Currencies are NOT money, gold (silver; precious metals) is real money!
So, do buy physical gold (& silver), don’t keep too much cash (fiat money).
Be prepared – for the coming future.

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Ludwig von Mises
Ludwig von Mises (1881-1973) was a preeminent philosopher and economist during the twentieth century. He shared an intellectual friendship with literary giant Ayn Rand, and his theorems and philosophies have continued to influence the careers and ideas of politicians and economists alike.
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