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Lernen von einer Millionärin (93)

Mein neues Buch ist jetzt auf Amazon erhältlich:

Dr. Markus Elsässer, Investor und Gründer des Value Fonds „ME Fonds – Special Values“
[WKN: 663307] –

0:00 – Intro
1:10 – Warum sollte man investieren
5:33 – Lernen von einer Millionärin
10:08 – Die richtige Anlage Perspektive

Zweites Buch von Dr. Elsässer: “Des klugen Investors Handbuch” Amazon:
– Amazon und MANAGER MAGAZIN Bestseller!

Youtube Videos der vorherigen Woche gibt es als Audio Podcast
– Des klugen Investor Podcast auf Spotify:


Are you the author?
Markus Elsasser
Born in Heidelberg/Germany in 1956, the son of an ambassador grew up in London, Hong Kong, Paris and Cairo. He is a trained banker and studied business administration/economics at the University of Cologne/Germany. Afterwards Dr. Elsasser worked in a chartered accounting firm. In 1986 he participated in an Enquete of the German business magazine 'Manager Magazin'. Among 4,360 candidates he was elected one of the TOP 10 junior managers of Germany. He started his industrial career as Director Finance at Dow Chemical Germany. He then worked as General Manager of an international chemical company in Sydney, Autralia and later as Head of Asia/Pacific in the food business in Singapore. Since 1998 he is active as an independent investor, financial advisor and founder of the ME-Funds. He has also been a member of advisory boards of several industrial families in Germany and has worked closely with New York activist shareholder Guy Wyser-Pratte.
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