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Evidence Matters: The Role of Evidence in Uncertain Times; Izabella Kaminska

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On the 17th of November 2016 IFF gathered an audience of users and producers of evidence at RSA House to discuss how we can use our influence to make progress in the face of uncertainty. The event featured talks from a host of leading industry experts and the above video shows the presentation given by Izabella Kaminska Journalist at the Financial Times.

Our speakers:

Matthew Taylor (Chief Executive, RSA)
Izabella Kaminska (Journalist, Financial Times)
Richard Bartholomew (SRA journal editor and former Joint Head of Government Social Research)
Jonathan Breckon (Alliance for Useful Evidence)

Are you the author?
Izabella Kaminska
Izabella Kaminska joined FT Alphaville in October 2008, which was, perhaps, the best time in the world to become a financial blogger. (Added bonus: there was a free breakfast trolly.) Before that she worked as a producer at CNBC, a natural gas reporter at Platts and an associate editor of BP’s internal magazine. She has also worked as a reporter on English language business papers in Poland and Azerbaijan and was a Reuters graduate trainee in 2004. Everything she knows about economics stems from a childhood fascination with ancient economies, specifically the agrarian land reforms of the early Roman republic and the coinage and price stability reforms of late Roman emperors. Her favourite emperor is one Gaius Aurelius Valerius Diocletian. She studied Ancient History at UCL, and has a masters in Journalism from what was then the London College of Printing. And yes, she is also a second-generation West London Pole (who likes mushroom picking, bigos and pierogi).
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