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What’s The Real Downside To Some of These Key Commodities?

Last night, Autodata reported its first estimates for September auto sales in the US. According to its own as well as those compiled by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (the same government outfit which keeps track of GDP), vehicle sales have been sliding overall ever since April.

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Palladium Prices Surge To New Record High Over $1,100 On Supply Crunch Concerns

Palladium prices surge to new record high over $1,100/oz today. Palladium surges past record nominal price seen in 2001 after 55% surge in 2017. Best-performing precious metal and commodity of 2017 is palladium. Palladium prices top platinum prices for first time in 16 years. Strong Chinese car demand and switch from diesel to petrol cars sees demand surge. Supply crunch as six year supply deficit & 2017 deficit expected to hit 83,000 ounces

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Precious Metals Outperform Markets In August – Gold +4 percents, Silver +5 percents

All four precious metals outperform markets in August. Gold posts best month since January, up nearly 4%. Gold reaches highest price since US election, climbs due to uncertainty and safe haven demand. S&P 500 marginally higher; Euro Stoxx, Nikkei lower for month. Platinum is best performing metal climbing over 5%. Palladium climbs over 4% thanks to seven year supply squeeze.

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