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U.S. Mint Gold Coin Sales and VIX Point To Increased Market Volatility and Higher Gold

US Mint gold coin sales and VIX at weakest in a decade. Very low gold coin sales and VIX signal volatility coming. Gold rises 1.7% this week after China’s Golden Week; pattern of higher prices after Golden Week. U.S. Mint sales do not provide the full picture of robust global gold demand. Perth Mint gold sales double in September reflecting increased gold demand in both Asia and Europe. Middle East demand likely high given geopolitical risks. Iran...

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Negative Rates: The New Gold Rush… For Gold Vaults

Negative interest rates and the populist uprising that spurred the UK to vote for Brexit and Americans to elect Trump has helped reignite a rush into physical safe haven assets like gold and silver, which however has led to a shortage of safe venues where to store the precious metals (unlike bitcoin, gold actually has a physical dimension).

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Digital Gold – For Now Caveat Emptor

Bitcoin surpasses gold price - a psychological and arbitrary headline. Royal Mint blockchain gold asks you to trust in the UK government. Royal Canadian Mint and GoldMoney blockchain product asks you to trust in government and the technology, servers, websites etc of the providers. Invest in a gold mine using cryptocurrency - but wait until 2022 for your gold and trust the miners that it is there. Blockchain and gold will likely make a "good...

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