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George Dorgan
George Dorgan (penname) predicted the end of the EUR/CHF peg at the CFA Society and at many occasions on and on this blog. Several Swiss and international financial advisors support the site. These firms aim to deliver independent advice from the often misleading mainstream of banks and asset managers. George is FinTech entrepreneur, financial author and alternative economist. He speak seven languages fluently.

Recent History of the Swiss franc: March 2009

A history of the EUR/CHF from the website ForexLive March 2009 Be Warned, April Fools Day Don’t believe everything you hear today as somebody might be having you on! The CHF is making a comeback and it’s imminent demise, which I have been forecasting, is obviously greatly exaggerated. EUR/CHF is back under 1.5100 and no sign … Continue reading »

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SNB Fulfills Promise of Forex Intervention, Franc Collapses (March 2009)

Extracts from the history of the Swiss franc (March 2009).   Mar. 17th 2009   Last week, the Forex Blog concluded a post on the Swiss Franc by suggesting that the Swiss National Bank (SNB) could artificially depress the value of its currency, which had “not just posted strong gains against the eurosince late August …

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Swiss Franc Rises on a Trade-weighted Basis, but Down against the Dollar (March 2009)

Mar. 11th 2009 Extracts from the history of the Swiss franc (March 2009).   Most of the “safe haven” talk in forex circles has focused on Japan and the US. Switzerland, meanwhile, has also attracted is fair share of risk-averse investors, who are piling into Franc-denominated assets, despite the deteriorating Swiss economic situation. In fact, …

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Recent History of the Swiss franc: January to February 2009

Swissy Sees Some Slight Improvement   Swissy is seeing some slight improvement in afternoon trade, the EUR/CHF cross presently down at 1.4900 from the 1.4990 session high posted earlier. The general flight to perceived safety, with gold fast approaching $1,000, will be playing a part with swissy’s safe haven premium coming into play. However how …

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Credit Crisis Could Lift Yen, Franc (July 2008)

Jul. 31st 2008 Extracts from the history of the Swiss franc (July 2008).   As the credit crisis has unfolded, the Dollar has remained (relatively) strong, especially considering the deteriorating state of its economy. The reason for this, of course, is that in times of crisis, investors flock to perceived safe havens, such as the …

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Le taux plancher contre le D-Mark, le précédent de 1978

Une secrète contribution de “Le Temps”, juste pour les francophones parmi nos abonées.   Il y a trente-quatre ans, la Banque nationale suise avait déjà défendu un taux de change pour le franc suisse. Plongée dans les archives et rappel du contexte perturbé qui a poussé la Suisse jusqu’à cet extrême LES LIENS Les trois … Continue...

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