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#1133 Bitcoin Fear & Greed, 43 Mio Bitcoin Hodler & Indian RBI Krypto Verbot

1.) Bitcoin steps out of ‚Fear‘ for the first time in nine monthsThe Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index reached an index score of 52 over the weekend, marking the first time its hit neutral territory in three quarters.

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#1099 Stablecoin Krieg, Kraken Russland Sanktionen & Kazakhstan Mining

1.) A stablecoin’s rise in market share has ignited the ‘Second Great Stablecoin War’Since Binance announced it would auto-convert USDC, USDP and TUSD into BUSD on Sept. 6, BUSD’s share of the total stablecoin market has risen from 10.01% to 15.48%.

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