Gold, Peace, and Prosperity Pocket Edition

New Pocket Edition! The second edition of Gold, Peace, and Prosperity is just 4.25″ x .4″ x 7 ” in size. Truly portable and available at volume discounts. This is the perfect handout for education of the gold standard.

Ron Paul has been the leading champion of sound money in the Congress. Here he explains why sound money means a new gold standard. The monograph is written in the clearest possible terms with the goal of explaining the basics of paper money and its effects of inflation, business cycles, and government growth. He maps out a plan to bring about a dollar that is as good as gold, one that would be protected against manipulation by government and central bankers. Part of that strategy is the minting of a new gold one but the more far-reaching plan involves a redefinition of the dollar and complete monetary competition. This monograph first appeared in 1981, and it has been in wide distribution ever since.

Second Edition
Foreword by Henry Hazlitt
Preface by Murray Rothbard

Author: Ron Paul

Edition: 2nd

Binding: Paperback

EAN: 9781610161961

Condition: New

Manufacturer: Ludwig von Mises Institute

Number of items: 1

Number of pages: 91

Product group: Book

Studio: Ludwig von Mises Institute

Publication Date: 2011-07-25

Publisher: Ludwig von Mises Institute

Pages: 91

ISBN: 1610161963

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