A Choice Not an Echo: Updated and Expanded 50th Anniversary Edition

Over 3 Million Copies Sold!

Celebrate 50 years since the release of Phyllis Schlafly’s monumental A Choice Not an Echo, the book that launched the conservative resurgence of the late 20th century. This special updated and expanded edition contains 50 percent new material placing the book in its historical context and applying the book’s lessons to the issues of today.

Author: Phyllis Schlafly

Edition: 50 Anv Exp

Binding: Hardcover

EAN: 9781621573159

Condition: New

Manufacturer: Regnery Publishing

Number of items: 1

Number of pages: 320

Product group: Book

Studio: Regnery Publishing

Publication Date: 2014-11-10

Publisher: Regnery Publishing

Pages: 320

ISBN: 162157315X

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