Ronald Stöferle

Ronald Stöferle

Ronald-Peter Stöferle is Managing Partner and Fund manager at Incrementum AG, based in the Principality of Liechtenstein. The company focusses on asset management and wealth management and is one hundred percent owned by its partners. Ronald manages a fund that invests based on the principles of the Austrian School of Economics.

Videos by Ronald Stöferle

Bösartiger Plan fliegt auf (Interview mit Ronald Stöferle)

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It’s Crystal Clear That the ESG Agenda Has Come Back Like a Boomerang: Ronald Stöferle

Fund Manager at Incrementum AG and author of the In Gold We Trust Report Ronald Stöferle provides his insights into the commodities market and the emerging energy crisis, particularly in regards to the damage caused by ESG regulations and so-called "green" government policies. Ronald also breaks down the fractional reserve banking system and gives his outlook on silver and gold.

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Compact version of the In Gold we Trust Report 2022

Summary video of the In Gold we

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Prognose Bitcoin & Gold | Inflation & Kaufgelegenheiten | Ronald Stöferle | Incrementum

Ronald-Peter Stöferle von Incrementum @InGoldWeTrust auf der Deutschen Goldmesse @deutschegoldmesse7291 im Interview über den Gold, Goldaktien, Inflation, FED, türkische Verhältnisse, Immobilien und seiner Präsentation auf der Deutschen Goldmesse. Der Börsenexperte im Gespräch über die Wirtschaft und das Leben aus dem Gleichgewicht.

Hier geht’s zur Präsentation auf der Deutschen Goldmesse:

Mehr Informationen zum Report von Ronald Stöferle:

Inhalte des Videos sind u.a:
00:00:00 Intro
00:00:24 Koyaanisqatsi – Life out of balance – Keine Balance in der Wirtschaft
00:01:50 Wir kommt der Aktienanleger durch die nächsten 7 Jahre?
00:03:25 Inflation wird uns die nächsten Jahre begleiten
00:05:40 Müssen wir uns auf inflationäre

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Life Out of Balance | Keynote Ronald Stöferle

Ronald Stöferle gave a keynote presentation at this year’s Zuri-Invest under the title “Koyaanisqatsi” or “Life Out of Balance” in which he goes over how markets and the world are currently out of balance and in dire need of stabilization.

The key problem
A large part of today’s financial, political and social imbalances can be traced to our monetary system and the fact that we have been under a fiat money regime for over 50 years now. This year we have seen, that currencies like the Euro the Yen or the British Pound have suffered greatly towards the Dollar, while commodity-based currencies those of Brazil and Australia have fared much better. We can also see imbalance in bond markets, with the worst performance since 1865. Finally, the so called “balanced portfolio” has also

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Zuri-Invest Keynote with Ronald Stöferle: KOYAANISQATSI – Life Out of Balance

Ronald Stöferle, author of the "In Gold We Trust" report and fund manager at Incrementum poses the question of balance in the financial markets in his presentation, giving new and exciting macro analysis on global currencies, central banks and interest rates, the U.S. dollar, inflation, equities and what it all means for the precious metals markets as they too are in "Inbalance".

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BullionStar Perspectives – Ronald Stöferle – Global Macro and Gold: A European Perspective

Filmed in October 2022

In this not to be missed episode of BullionStar Perspectives, Ronald Stoeferle of Incrementum AG talks to Ronan Manly about the current precarious state of financial markets.

The interview covers everything from the macro interactions of interest rates, inflation, gold and economic growth, to the feeling on the ground in Europe, and from how Incrementum manages its portfolios, to why German speaking populations have an affinity for gold.

Ronald is partner, managing director & fund manager at Incrementum AG, an investment firm in Liechtenstein, and is author of the famous "In Gold we Trust" report, an annual publication which covers the global precious metals and financial markets.

00:00 Introduction
00:47 Market sentiment in Europe vs the US

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Major cracks in financial markets! | Ronald Stöferle & James Connor

Ronald Stöferle was interviewed by James Connor of “Bloor Street Capital”. Together they discussed the current market setup, what the cracks in financial markets mean for the course of the Federal Reserve, as well as its implications on gold.

History often rhymes
We are currently witnessing another period of stagflation. Already before the COVID crisis, we saw strong indicators, which pointed to a decrease in globalization and a slowing economy. The crisis certainly put additional pressure on this trend and amplified this trend. Central banks certainly also did their part, and the war in Europa is also not helping this development.

The Federal Reserve and its strategy
Since the current inflation is driven to a large extent by supply issues, the rate hikes of the Federal Reserve have

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Schrödinger’s US-Dollar | Tavi Costa & Ronald Stöferle

Tavi Costa of Crescat Capital interviews Ronald Stöferle at this year’s Precious Metals Summit Conference located in Beaver Creek, CO. Together they discussed the current market setup. They discuss an interesting point, that the US-Dollar currently seems to be strong and weak at the same time.

The current setup
All around the western world we are looking at some sort of recession. Especially in Europe and the USA. Europe right now seems to be much worse, with stickier inflation and an energy crisis, which could lead to large social unrest and distortions. While the Federal Reserve has been hiking rates rather aggressively, the ECB has not acted that decisively. The Federal Reserve is sending mixed signals, with some being more hawkish and others more relaxed. History tells us, that at

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I’m Terrified When I See What’s Going on in the Economy: Ronald Stöferle

Fund Manager at Incrementum AG and author of the In Gold We Trust Report Ronald Stöferle gives his overview of the current macro economic environment worldwide, and what he sees makes him very uneasy. An energy crisis in Europe that threatens to spread to the West, growing geo political divides, and reckless government policy is leading to what Ronald sees as a perfect storm for a worldwide recession.

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„Wir werden Inflationswellen sehen“ | Ronald Stöferle im Interview mit Marc Friedrich

Die gesamtwirtschaftliche Lage ist für Investoren derzeit sehr herausfordernd. Wie stark wird sich die #Inflation noch entwickeln? Und ist Gold jetzt ein sicherer Hafen?

Hierzu sprach Marc Friedrich mit dem Ökonomen und Anlageberater Ronald Stöferle. Beim Privatinvestor-Tag am 01.10.2022 in Köln haben Sie die Gelegenheit, ihn LIVE zu erleben. Weitere Informationen finden Sie in der Beschreibung ⬇

„Endlich mit Aktien Geld verdienen!“

Max-Otte-Vorträge im Herbst 2022: Die Investment-Tournee für anspruchsvolle Privatinvestoren

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Seit September 2021 sind die Börsen im Rückwärtsgang. Mittlerweile befinden wir uns in einem Bärenmarkt. Die Kurse

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The New Stagflation Environment

The new mindset. While the US Federal Reserve has increased interest rates to some extent, the ECB has not done the same so far. Even without rate hikes, the first two quarters have been terrible for European stocks and bonds. We face an interesting situation.

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Gold bleibt der Stabilitätsanker, 4800 Dollar möglich

Auf der Landkarte mag das Fürstentum Liechtenstein leicht übersehen werden, in der Welt der Edelmetalle kommt jedoch niemand an dem kleinen Land zwischen Österreich und der Schweiz vorbei – und einmal im Jahr wird das 6000-Einwohner-Örtchchen Schaan zur Welthauptstadt des Goldes.

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Ronald Stöferle: “Gold und der Junge, der Wolf rief”

Goldanalyst Ronald Stöferle spricht in seinem spannenden Vortrag zum Weltgeschehen, Inflation, Gold und Silber. Dabei wird er auch Einblicke in unser Finanzsystem, die Finanzpolitik und die zukünftigen Entwicklungen geben. Er ist auch Autor des berühmten Standardwerks „In Gold we trust“.

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Ronald Stöferle as guest of The Market Huddle

Today we present an interview between Ronald Stöferle and Patrick Ceresna as well as Kevin Muir. They are the hosts of The Market Huddle and talked about many interesting topics as well as Ronald’s history. A year like no other. This year we saw interventions and stimulation on an unprecedented scale. Central banks reacted much …

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Ronald Stöferle: Gold outperformt die Aktienmärkte

Interview mit dem Autor von “In Gold We Trust” und Fondsmanager bei Incrementum. Gold befindet sich in einem gesunden und starken Bullenmarkt, der durch die finanziellen Anreize von Regierungen und Zentralbanken angeheizt wird. Ronald Stöferle hat für das Ende des Jahrzehnts ein ehrgeiziges Goldpreisziel festgelegt. Get our free Newsletter (English) ►: Get our free …

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Ronald Stöferle in interview with Mike Maloney

Mike Maloney of GoldSilver interviewed Ronald Peter Stöferle about the new In Gold We Trust Report. They talked about the possible implications and trends that could arise from current monetary policy. Commodities in a historical overview Ronald discusses how commodities were undervalued at some times and heavily overvalued at others. We are currently in a …

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IV: Ronald Stöferle, Managing Partner, Incrementum AG 2020/07/02

I just had a fantastic talk with Incrementum’s Ronni Stöferle, the guy who started publishing the now world-famous In Gold We Trust annual report 14 years ago. (Here’s the link for the free download, if you haven’t read the new edition: ) With gold having just hit $1,800 for the first time since 2011, …

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Ronald Stöferle at Sprott Money News

Ronald Peter Stöferle continues his interview series. Today he is a guest of Craig Hemke of Sprott Money News. The topic of discussion was of course this year’s In Gold We Trust report and its content. The Boogeyman, Inflation Even if mainstream economists do not believe stagflation is possible in our current climate, Ronald Stöferle …

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Ronald Stöferle in a conversation with Kitco NEWS

Ronald Stöferle interviewed Neils Christensen from Kitco NEWS and talked to him about this year’s In Gold We Trust Report. This time without football innuendo. The Golden Decade We are currently in a new bull market. Gold is at new all-time highs in most currencies. It is also rising in comparison to stocks and bonds. …

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Ronald Stöferle: In Gold We Trust

MacroVoices Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Ronald Stöferle to the show to talk about the secular shift in precious metals, how this crisis compares to 2008, outlook on gold, silver and more.

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