Ramsey Su

Ramsey Su was a real estate broker who specialized in all aspects of foreclosures. His career started during the Volcker era in the early 1980s. In addition to acting as broker for bank owned properties, Ramsey also acted as consultant, court appointed receiver, manager for distressed properties, work outs and as a real estate investment adviser. Currently, Ramsey is an independent analyst, focused on the rapidly changing world of real estate today.

Articles by Ramsey Su

The Helicopter Mortgage

Medical vs. Financial Engineering. I broke my elbow a month ago, pretty badly as I was told. The surgeon screwed the pieces back together, using a steel alloy bracket and six screws. Two hours later, I left the hospital with no cast, a bandage (just to cover a very ugly scar), a prescription for painkillers and therapy started a week later.

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Housing Affordability – A Dose of Reality

First, a few quick words on Brexit. Being the always positive and optimistic person that I am (big grin), I see one very positive outcome of Brexit – it is a revolution without bloodshed. For once, I’m not digressing. Brexit has a lot of parallels with housing affordability in the US.

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Is it Time to Buy Real Estate? Yes and No

  Is it Time to Buy Income-Producing Real Estate?  No, No, No. Much to the dismay of my real estate buddies, who are complaining about how high prices while watching the cash flow of their portfolios bursting at the seams from a few good years of ren…

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Why is Freddie Mac Reporting a Loss?

  A Sudden Turn for the Worse Freddie Mac posted a loss of $354 million this quarter, versus a $2.16 billion gain the previous quarter.  Fannie Mae did slightly better with net earnings of $1.1 billion, which were still substantially down from $2.5 b…

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