Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff

I am the founder and director of three companies: Euro Pacific Capital (, a full service, registered broker-dealer and RIA which specializes in foreign securities; Euro Pacific Precious Metals (, a gold & silver coin and bullion dealer; and Euro Pacific Asset Management (, a fund management company that is building a family of mutual funds based on my economic philosophy. I am most well-known for accurately and publicly predicting the collapse of the housing and credit markets, the subprime crisis, and the increasing price of gold relative to the US dollar, resulting in the viral YouTube video "Peter Schiff Was Right."

Articles by Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff’s Message to Switzerland: Preserve Your Wealth, Gold is Better than Pegging to the Euro

peter schiff

Peter Schiff, an Austrian economist who predicted the financial crisis urges the Swiss to preserve their wealth. Therefore, they should vote yes in the gold referendum. He thinks that buying gold is better than pegging to the euro. The Swiss will be better off if they possess a strong currency. Pegging to the euro implies that the Swiss Franc will become a new Italian Lira, Peseta or French Franc.

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