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Lance Roberts

Finally, financial news that makes sense. Lance Roberts, the host of "StreetTalkLive", has a unique ability to bring the complex world of economics, investing and personal financial wealth building to you in simple, easy and informative ways but also makes it entertaining to listen to at the same time.

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4-12-24 How to Deal with Financial Stress

CFP testing results & commentary on professional credentialing; the importance of the Health/Wealth connection; the importance of continuing education (CE); a brief history of JP Morgan and "too big to fail." Inflation is permatory, not transitory. Profit margins are not great because costs are up. Jerome Powell is trying to put out a fire with a water pistol; how many ate cuts now? There is still too much money in the system to really tame inflation. Real Wages have peaked: Is this Jerome Powell’s "Volker Moment?" What clients "think" about portfolios is the toughest thing for advisors to manage. If Trump is elected, he will have to deal with the next recession. April is stress-awareness month; why we don’t sleep. Rosso’s Brooklyn paper route, Candid Coffee preview, & dealing with

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4-11-24 Is Inflation Too Hot to Handle?

Having risen by about 40% since last October, Gold is on a moonshot. Many investment professionals consider gold prices to be a macro barometer, measuring the level of anxiety in the economy, inflation, currency, and geopolitics. So what is and isn’t driving the price of gold higher?

Hosted by RIA Advisors Chief Investment Strategist Lance Roberts, CIO, w Portfolio Manager, Michael Lebowitz, CFA
Articles mentioned in this report:
"Is Gold Warning Us Or Running With The Markets?"
"Margin Debt Surges As Bulls Leverage Bets"
"Inflation Scare Or Much Ado About Nothing?"

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4-10-24 Can Social Security Be Saved?

It’s CPI Day (with m/m inflation clocking in with a .4% increase, and a y/y gain to 3.8%, hotter than expected). Sheila Jackson-Lee’s science experiment; the NFIB Survey does not bode well for small businesses:Sentiment falls to a new low based on poor sales. There remains a dichotomy between headline economic news and what’s happening behind the scenes. Markets break below the 20-DMA, but regain support. Why what really matters is the data the Fed looks at. Portfolio Spring Cleaning; Five or six ways to save Social Security (but first, a history of SS); the mathematical realities. Why Pensions face the same problems; how to fix it; lock it off. Any viable solution is un-electable. The IPO saga of Truth Social; IPO behaviors. Never buy an IPO out of the gate. DJT still has much to prove.

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4-9-24 Margin Debt Surges As Bulls Leverage Bets

Margin debt levels have surged as bullish investors leverage their bets in the equity market. The increase in leverage is not surprising, as it represents increased risk-taking by investors in the stock market. Unsurprisingly, as consumer confidence improves, so does the speculative demand for equities. As stock markets improve, the “fear of missing out” becomes more prevalent. Such boosts demand for equities, and as prices rise, investors take on more risk by adding leverage.

Hosted by RIA Advisors Chief Investment Strategist Lance Roberts, CIO, w Senior Financial Advisor, Jonathan Penn, CFP
Produced by Brent Clanton, Executive Producer
Articles mentioned in this report:
"Margin Debt Surges As Bulls Leverage Bets"

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Is the Inflation Scare Over-Blown?

Eclipse-mania is out of control. Fed speakers confirm they’ll cut rates, but in no rush to do so. Jobs numbers tantalize markets; the impact of immigration on employment. Boomers & Gen-Z plans to splurge on groceries in 2024. Markets takeout the 20-DMA; will the break be confirmed this week? Putting Inflation into proper perspective; the three measures of inflation. The economic basics of Supply & Demand (and their impact on inflation). Your personal inflation is not the same as mine. What markets pay attention to (CPI). How to fix the power grid: Productive vs un-productive debt. Forgiving student loan debt doesn’t make the debt go away; taxpayers will shoulder the burden of the unpaid debt.

3:14 – Solar Eclipse Day; Markets Test 20DMA
15:40 – The Three Measures of Inflation
30:17 –

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Are You Really Ready for Tax Day?

It’s the Financial Fitness Friday episode of The Real Investment Show, hosted by RIA Advisors Senior Financial Advisors, Danny Ratliff, CFP, and Jonathan McCarty, CFA, CFP
Produced by Brent Clanton, Executive Producer
Articles mentioned in this report:
"Japans Lost Decades: Are We On The Same Path"
"Market Corrections Matter More Than You Think"
"Q1 Earnings Season Approaches"
The latest installment of our new feature, Before the Bell, "The Bernie Madoff Trendline Remains in Effect" is here:
Our previous show is

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Is America Mirroring Japan’s Lost Decades?

In this week’s Fedapolooza, Fed spokespersons seem to be growthin less hawkish about rates. Inflation is simply a function of supply & demand. There is a high correlation between GDP/CPI and interest rates. When inflation comes down, so will rates. Watching tomorrow’s employement report: ADP is a poor predictor of BLS data. The Bernie Madoff trendline remains intact in markets; bullish sentiment is very high; bear sightings on Wall Street are rare. Technical trends of inflation are falling as the economy slows; comparisons of Japanese and U.S. economies; discussion on the economic impact on younger generations. Central Bank dominance: Control of markets destroys capitalism. Capitalism is eroding. Discussion of Capitalism vs Socialism and excessive government intervention: What the public

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Could Powell Eclipse Market Expectations?

The JOLTS survey rate continues to slow, coincident with a slowing economy; interestingly, retail hiring has dropped sharply, despite increased retail demand (another example of divergent indicators). The data might not be as strong as we think. The difference between Fed promises and predictions can be vast. Markets remain in a "perfect" trend channel; what happens when the 20-DMA is broken? Commentary on the coming solar eclipse, and markets’ historic behavior following. What matters is what happens in the 12-months after such an event. Correction is coming. Answering emails: Stocks vs Bonds in current environment; managing risk is key. What happens to those in all-cash positions when rates fall? Gold & Silver may be doing very well, but are detached from current market reality; they

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Market Corrections Matter More Than You Think

Markets delivered a post-April Fool’s drop, while manufacturing metrics moved back into the expansion zone. Markets have now dropped the chances of a June interest rate cut to 50%; markets continue to trade in a particular range. The April 15 Tax Day bump may not materialize this year with the expiration of previous tax law. Gold is on a catch-up trade; will rotation trades continue? Investor sentiment remains high. The bullishness of Ken Fisher; Gains vs Declines: Market Math explained. The Truth about promised returns vs reality; market math & investor longevity. Markets always revert. No reason not to be bullish now; who expects to be richer in 2024? Gen-Z women are most optimistic. US College Majors with highest un-employment rates: Art History.

3:10 – Markets Drop Chances of Fed

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What To Look For in Q1 Earnings

PCE Inflation is weaker, yet consumer spending remains robust; the Atlanta Fed is forecasting 2.3% GDP for Q2. Is this period nirvana for the Fed? The Relative Strength Index is stuck at 70. Markets continue a low-volatility advance, seemingly floating higher. The current environment typically leads to market correction. The next round of earnings commences next week; it will be unsurprising that to see a high percentage of companies “beat” Wall Street estimates. (The high beat rate is always the case due to the sharp downward revisions in analysts’ estimates as the reporting period begins.) Are investors paying more for less? California’s new $ minimum wage goes into effect today; cast study to come. The realities of the cost of labor; at what point do consumers say, "enough."

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When Financial Conditions Butt Heads With Borrowing Conditions

If Fed Chairman Jerome Powell doesn’t appreciate the difference between financial and borrowing conditions, we must assume most investors do not either. The current combination of easy financial conditions and tight borrowing conditions makes monetary policy difficult for the Fed to balance. At times, like today, financial and borrowing conditions can be at odds with each other, which makes the Fed’s job of managing monetary policy more difficult. Threading the eye of this needle may prove problematic given that inflation remains too high and, more recently, is showing some signs of being sticky.

Hosted by RIA Advisors Hosted by RIA Advisors Chief Investment Strategist, Lance Robert, CIO, w Portfolio Manager Michael Lebowitz, CFA
Produced by Brent Clanton, Executive Producer

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Wall Street Wants to Save Your Retirement

The Sentiment Index is hanging in, despite weakening regional surveys; economists see no recession in sight; bank reserves have been rising since October 2022. End of quarter rebalancing is generating some activity; after three-days of selling, market futures are positive this morning. Watch markets’ steep angle of ascent; this is not sustainable, and correction will result sooner or later. Lance’s unique inflation indicator… Markets still act like there’s a flood of liquidity when there’s not; markets are bifurcated; Houston real estate is insane. Can Wall Street save your retirement? Larry Fink thinks so, or at least wants you to think he can; Blackrock & Merrill want to hold your money forever. Creation of Merrill’s Target Date Fund. Why Annuities are so lucrative; three reasons why

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Do Technical Measures and Valuations Really Matter?

Baltimore Harbor is closed following the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, hit by an out of control freighter. Weaker Regional Economic Surveys are in contrast to economists ratcheting-up growth expectations: No one is expecting a recession. Liquidity continues to boost bullish mood on Wall Street. The market has steadily climbed for past 5-months, creating record deviations; for now, no fear. Valuations are a measure of market psychology: "If everybody has bought, who is left to buy?" – Sam Stovall. When Technicals & Fundamentals align (the problem for most investors is that they’re too slow). All elements are now present for a reversion to the mean; just need a catalyst. What will turn buyers into sellers? The impact of more, earlier retirees on actuarial tables and Larry

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Are Market Bubbles a Function Of Psychology?

There are three components of a “market bubble.” The first two, price and valuation, often get dismissed or rationalized during the inflation phase. That rationalization is due to investor psychology and the “Fear Of Missing Out (F.O.M.O.)

Stop the re-makes of ’80’s movies (Roadhouse)! Markets are going into 5th straight month of gains, remaining over-bought and trading in a very narrowly-defined trend channel. Money going into cryptocurrency (Memecoin) is indicative of late-cycle market speculative mood. The Coffee Maker saga continues; Market Bubble Psychology: What defines a market bubble. No two market bubbles are a like (w charts). The Fed’s Dot Plots are worthless. How will the latest CR be funded? (More debt.) The mechanics of Social Security: more retirees earlier than

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Beware the Risks in Medicare Advantage Plans 2024

What do the Three Stooges and the Fed’s rate cut plans have in common? Risk appetites are on the rise with the Reddit IPO; what if inflation heats up and the Fed cannot cut rates? We’re living in a government-driven economy. The challenges to withdrawal rates: Goal-harvesting. Goal shifting when retirement guardrails change. The Reddit IPO: Let the euphoria burn away. Risks to Medicare Advantage plans in 2024: Pre-existing clauses. We now have to deal with reinvestment risks as rates begin to fall; alternatives to getting away from high fixed-income earnings.

3:12 – The Three Rate Cut Stooges
14:23 – Retirement Goal-harvesting
30:16 – Risks in Medicare Advantage 2024
44:33 – Medicare Advantage Risks & Reinvestment Risks as Rates Begin to Drop

Hosted by RIA Advisors Director of

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How Will the Fed Rate Announcement Affect You?

Markets respond to the Fed rate announcement, indicating at least three rate cuts this year, the first one coming as soon as June. Danny & Jonathan discuss Bond behaviors in the aftermath and investor response to the Fed rate announcement. Changes to the Child Tax Credit for 2024 (it’s not a deduction, but a credit against the tax you owe); caveat: It’s not indexed for inflation. What about using insurance products as an investing tool. Danny & Jonathan discuss the evolution of annuities and the best approach for determining their usefulness; how to determine how much to invest in an annuity; the value of long term care policies.

3:05 – Economic Report Preview; Fed Rate Predictions
14:30 – Investor Response & Reaction to Fed Rate Announcement
30:08 – Child Tax Credit for 2024
44:18 –

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Is Your Ex Worth More Dead than Alive?

It’s Fed Day: Danny Ratliff provides a preview in Lance’s absence; mortgage rates are pricing-out most buyers. Is your ex- worth more dead than alive? Taking a look at SS survivors’ benefits: There are some caveats. How to incorporate inflation hedging into your portfolio. Making buying choices to better manage inflation in household budgets. Why some are accessing 401-k funds (and what about those who do not have one?) Understanding target date funds; why they’re generally the default for fund managers. Watch for higher fees and internal expenses; not all funds are created equal. Financial Spring Cleaning in 401-k: watch fund compositions.

3:14 – Fed Day preview & Market Commentary
14:40 – Is Your Ex- Worth More Dead than Alive?
30:30 – How to Hedge for Inflation
44:40 – Understanding

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The Fed’s New Form of QE

There’s a definite correlation between changes in stock buybacks and changes in market performance. With the closure of the stock buyback window by the blackout period, the effects will be interesting, especially with the prevailing attitudes in an over-extended market. We also notice Bitcoin is having an excellent correction. ance and Michael discuss the Fed’s Dot Plot and plans for Quantitative Easing: Which problem is easier to fix: Creating recession or inflation? Bank of Japan is ending it’s policy of negative rates; what will be the effect on the US? What’s the risk to the currency carry trade? Japan’s demographic problem. Is the Fed formulating a new type of QE? What QE does; is it inflationary? What the Fed can do; the stealth form of QE: Will it provide liquidity to markets?

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The Bull Market is Showing Some Cracks

We are back from Vacation!
Over the last two weeks, the market’s advance has begun to taper off, and a more rounded top may be forming. While the 20-DMA continues to act as support, a violation of that level could well trigger additional selling. Momentum and relative strength have also shown continued weakness, and both registered “sell signals” on Friday.

Hosted by RIA Advisors Chief Investment Strategist Lance Roberts, CIO
Produced by Brent Clanton, Executive Producer
Articles mentioned in this report:
"Full-Time Employment As A Recession Indicator?"
The latest installment of our new

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We’re taking a little time off to enjoy family and the absence of alarm clocks for the next week.
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Holding Long-term Bonds, but not to Maturity

Market Commentary: When will rate cuts hit? Biden’s SOTU Address: Get ready for higher corporate taxes and an inflation fight. The Death of the 4% Rule? Not yet…the impact of lower interest rates on a viable distribution plan; how to create one as Recession looms. Dealing with durations: Holding long-term bonds, but not to maturity. Credit risk in bonds, and the importance of portfolio fluidity. Distribution planning and timing: What are appropriate benchmarks for portfolio performance? Is the 60/40 portfolio dead? (No.) Why we may be at the peak of rate hike cycle; proactivity is the key. Is bailing on market volatility a loser’s game? Setting reasonable expectations for portfolio risk; what to do when the fundamentals are skewed. (Getting more "likes" than Lance.) Looking at Bond

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Liquidity Problems Are Closer Than You Think

Earnings growth are a function of economic growth; the US Economy is de-coupled from the rest of the world, which economy is poor. The danger of deficits (that are funding our economic growth); SOTU Preview: "The economy is great." Market continues trading in a very tight range, but ever upward; this is when complacency sets in. The market is setting up for correction as the election draws nearer. Are we in a bubble or the market top; how to justify valuations. Cisco vs Nvidia: What is Nvidia worth now? The correlation between Bank reserves and the market. Powell says the Fed’s next move will be a rate cut by EOY. Stocks in the news with less liquidity in the market, yet, financial (lending) conditions are easing? Borrowing activity is at an all-time low: Conditions are very tight. Why

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Proof: How Inflation is Affecting the Economy

Super Tuesday seems to have locked-up the next Presidential contest pairing; economic data is not so good, yet market exuberance continues. Fed speakers abound today ahead of the Fed’s blackout period. A record-setting Yield Curve Inversion is underway, still without recession. Markets continue to trade in a narrow range, like clockwork; volatility actually declined. Are we at the top, and not a bubble? Correction this year is very likely; Bitcoin joined by Gold as a speculative asset. The proposed government match to 4-01-k’s: Nice idea, but few will be able to take advantage; and what about the unintended consequences? the effect of inflation on the economy. Why cap savings? IF the economy is doing so great, why do we feel so bad about it? The Hunger Games & the Kellogg’s boycott.

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Valuation Metrics Suggest Investor Caution

Economic Data releases and Fed speeches today will resonate with a rising commentary of no rate cut(s) this year, thanks to sticky inflation. Target’s earnings show the consumer is still spending; markets continue in 4-month advance, longest since 1970. Preceding a correction? Markets are operating in a narrow trend channel, with money rotating out of Magnificent Seven Stocks and into meme stocks. Markets are in the midst of bullish exuberance; Lance’s emails are the best contrarian indicator. Valuations are an indicator of sentiment; why FOMO trumps Fundamentals; rationalization and the numbers game: Making up metrics to rationalize valuation: We’re still paying too much for equities. Bitcoin & ETF’s: The Dark Side of the Coin. Shorting ETF’s adds an additional layer of volatility.

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Warren Buffett’s Cash Dilemma

Markets are entering the three strgonest months of the year; what if interest arwets aren’t cut? February was unusually strong for a "weak" month; what happens during Presidential Election years? Looking at Volatility risk. Markets have been up for 16 of the past 18-weeks; such activity generalluy heralds a correction. Warren Buffett’s annual letter: What do to with $160-B in cash? The dilemma of cash and valuations; cash held by corporations is at an all-time high; Buffett’s favorite metric is Market Capitalization to GDP Ratio. Why it’s hard to find "reasonably priced" companies. When investing becomes gambling; the risk of market correction coming. Dumb Money vs Smart Money: Teaching kids to invest, not gamble.

3:13 – Entering Three Strongest Months of the Year
14:31 – Warren

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How to Plan for Social Security “Viability”

Social Security Viability: Let the Propaganda Begin
As discussions ensue about the best way to bring the Social Security system into actuarial balance, the raising of the maximum wage base is emerging as a popular solution.

Hosted by RIA Advisors Director of Financial Planning, Richard Rosso, CFP, w Senior Financial Advisor, Danny Ratliff, CFP
Produced by Brent Clanton, Executive Producer
Articles mentioned in this report:
"Apple’s Magic- Are Buybacks Worth Paying Up For?"
"This Is Nuts – An Entire Market Chasing One Stock"
"Small Cap Stocks May Be At Risk According To NFIB Data"

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Five Money Habits of Unhappy Couples

Nothing sinks a marriage quicker than money issues. If the Valentine’s Day glow has faded, promise you’ll respect your lover’s credit, communicate about your money, and share together money tips to help revive your financial harmony.

Hosted by RIA Advisors’ Director of Financial Planning, Richard Rosso, CFP, w Senior Financial Advisors, Danny Ratliff, CFP, & Jonathan MCCarty, CFA, CFP, NSSA
Produced by Brent Clanton, Executive Producer, & Erica Theriot, Marketing Director

0:10 – INTRO
1:30 – Don’t Disrespect the Credit
8:30 – Are You Talking?
11:35 – Do You Understand my Blueprint?
21:29 – Avoid “Bailout City!”
25:50 – Resentment is Poison!
30:25 – What Successful Couples Do
35:20 – Big Purchases? Talk First!
40:55 – Don’t Dismiss Money DNA!
50:49 – The Bailout Rule. One and Done

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Are Buybacks Worth Paying Up For?

Stock buyback activity is on pace to reach new, all-time highs (and it’s only the end of February!) One reason for the gap between large-cap companies and small- and mid-caps is bigger companies’ ability to pour cash into buybacks. Will election season cause Wall St. to reduce risk? GDP and Consumer Sentiment numbers all revised downward, but confidence remains high in markets’ ability to perform. Lance & Michael discuss volatility in portfolio performance within complacent markets (volatility is negatively correlated with markets.) Indicators are never perfect; avoid basing portfolio on just indicators. Examining the pace of stock buybacks: Are they really of value? Why pay a premium? Buybacks increase share price, not value. Apple vs Tesla: There has been no real innovation from Apple

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11 Pearls of Investing Wisdom from Warren Buffett

Markets continue to trade sideways as the latest earnings season draws to a close. Stock buy-backs will continue for the next three weeks, and then halt in preparation for the NEXT round of earnings reporting. Warren Buffett on buy-backs: Need to occur when companies are under-valued relative to markets for optimal effect; companies are now buying back at high prices. Company stocks are still trading despite 40% reporting negative earnings. What happens when men get sick; Lance answers an email about struggles with higher expenses, despite zero debt; Lance & Danny discuss families’ cost-cutting strategies. Wendy’s experiments with surge pricing; investing wisdom from Warrenn Buffett: What’s he going to do with all that cash? The temptation for "catching-up" in portfolios, and the lure of

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This Is Nuts – An Entire Market Chasing One Stock

Preparing for this week’s economic data releases; what the Fed looks at for Inflation; earnings season concludes with good beat-rate…on lowered expectations. Dow Theory theory and Amazon’s joining the S&P 500: When does Nvidia enter the index? Analysts are raising targets for the S&P to 5800 by the end of the year, based on performance of Nvidia and other tech stocks: This is nuts. Markets continue to trade within narrowly-defined trading range based on rising 20-DMA. Marriage Rules are nuts; Nvidia’s price-to-sales ratio is un-attainable and un-sustainable. Nvidia’s market share gains are other stocks’ market share losses. Wall Street’s perceptions of the economy vs the rest of us; the dichotomy between headline economics and reality. Why food is taking a bigger bite out of our

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