I am a Swiss citizen who grew up in the US. I spent 7 years in Taiwan and Japan, teaching English and learning Japanese and Mandarin. I currently live near Zurich, Switzerland with my French wife. I am working in the financial field and I use this site as a creative outlet. I derive my energy from travel, mindfulness, learning, change, and meaningful cultural exchange.

Articles by Kevnice

Un-Becoming American – One Man’s Painful Journey To Renouncing Citizenship

In April 2012, I returned to Switzerland – my country of birth – to commence a new phase of my adult life. Naturally, one of the first steps to undertake when establishing oneself in a new country is to open a bank account. I went down to the local Raiffeisen bank branch in the village of Aesch, Luzern, where my relatives and ancestors had lived and worked as farmers for over 10 generations.

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