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Fed Socialist Money Manipulation Cancels Individuals’ Better Judgment

When a person is free to work, shop, and invest, he brings to each task his knowledge from doing the other tasks. As he works, he has a sense of what it takes to please customers, because he’s also a customer. As he shops, he has a sense of what workers can do for him, because he’s also a worker. As he invests, he has a sense of who adds value best, because he also works to add value and shops for value.

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Inflation Takings Require Just Compensation: Slash Governments!

“If you don’t expect too much from meYou might not be let down.” — Gin Blossoms, “Hey Jealousy”
Inflation is a mechanism that government people use to fund wars, tyrannical governments, and favors to cronies. Inflation takes away significant fractions of the real value of savings.

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