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Crypto Vs Central Banks- Let the Battle Begin

Crypto Vs Central Banks- Let the Battle Begin

In today’s episode, Dave Russell of GoldCore TV talks about how the rise of cryptocurrencies has become a threat to government-issued currencies worldwide, and are the central banks targeting #cryptocurrencies?

He talks about Elon Musk’s comment on Saturday Night Live lead Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency to initially rally before promptly losing 40% of its value. Previously tweets by Elon Musk sparked a bitcoin buying spree when he revealed that Tesla was diversifying a portion of its cash assets by purchasing the cryptocurrency.

He also discusses Andrew Baily, the Governor of the Bank of England’s comment about cryptocurrencies suggesting that people should invest if they are prepared to lose all their money. Such series of comments and

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How Much Gold Do I Need In My Portfolio

How Much Gold Do I Need In My Portfolio

Last week we saw, Stephen Flood, CEO of GoldCore, Mark O’Byrne of Health Wealth Gold, and Dave Russell of GoldCoreTV, discussing if it is possible to build the #perfectportfolio​ for the next 10 years by identifying the current megatrends that we are seeing emerging and suggesting how they might affect your portfolio.

In this episode of the #Goldnomics podcast, they address which elements they believe should be included in the portfolio in order to both protect you from and take advantage of these megatrends.
Given today’s scenario, all three believe that everyone should re-evaluate their portfolio. As prudent investing would suggest not having all your eggs in precious metals, what other asset classes and assets should you be considering?

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How to Build a Long Term Portfolio: For the Next 10 Years

How to Build a Long Term Portfolio: For the Next 10 Years

In today’s new #Goldnomics Podcast, Stephen Flood, CEO of GoldCore and Mark O’Byrne of Health Wealth Gold joins Dave Russell of GoldCore to discuss if it is possible to build the #perfectportfolio for the next 10 years?

At GoldCore we believe that every portfolio should have an allocation to gold and silver, the percentage of that allocation should change depending on the current economic, financial, and geopolitical environment. Your portfolio needs to take into consideration the long-term megatrends in these elements. But what are the current megatrends that we are seeing emerging and how will it affect your portfolio.

#Inflation is a key emerging megatrend that is going to represent a primary risk to all the investors.

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Is the Silver Squeeze Over? – Chris Vermeulen

Is the Silver Squeeze Over? Chris Vermeulen of is back on #GoldCoreTV with his charts to help us interpret the recent moves in silver and gold. In this video, we take a look at the silver price, the gold price, bitcoin and the S&P500.

We take a look at what’s needed to continue the momentum of the #silvershortsqueeze, the movement spearheaded by Wall Street Silver & #WallStreetSilver

We look at the significance of the 50-day moving average and the 200-day moving average and the interaction between these two that give us either a golden cross or the death cross. These are particularly important long term trend indicators in technical analysis.

Chris also gives us his opinion on bitcoin, where he believes the bitcoin bull market could still have some legs but

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The Gold Price is Set to Skyrocket Due to Inflation

Gold Price Will Skyrocket Due to Inflation.

In today’s new episode on GoldCore TV, Dave Rusell discusses how #inflation has taken hold of financial markets while not necessarily being obvious.

The US is head over heels in debt, the US National debt has surpassed $28 trillion and continues to accelerate even further. Money printing has grown exponentially, commodity prices are rising but as per the Bureau of Labour Statistics inflation is below 2%!

So where is the inflation. Mostly it is being disguised as stock market returns, strong property markets and rallying cryptocurrencies. Excessive money printing by central banks has stored up inflation in financial markets.The restrictions and shuttering of businesses has meant that supply and demand imbalance have crept in to economies and

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Future of Silver and Gold: The Global Reset- Jim Willie

The Future of Silver and Gold:The Global Reset- Jim Willie.

#JimWillie is back on GoldCore TV! Jim believes that COVID-19 may pave the way for the great currency reset or "The Global Reset", with serious implications for the gold and silver markets as well as the wider economic and societal implications.

What is the great reset? What is going to change? How do we prepare for it? In this episode, Jim Willie shares his unique opinions on #GlobalCurrencyReset as well as the future of the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and much more.

Significantly, one important outcome of the currency reset he foresees, is a rise in silver and gold prices. He believes that silver should rally strongly, potentially more so than gold. This could be a trigger to send the gold/silver much ratio lower.

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Should I sell Gold Now?

Should I sell Gold Now? Definately not!

#Gold is not making any highs in many months, but do current prices reflect reality? We don’t think so.

In today’s video, Dave Rusell of GoldCore TV reviews the case of Archegos Capital Management and relates it to the gold market which proved that prices often are false signals, a picture painted by others who may have different agenda.

So is the bull market over for gold? Watch this entire video to find out more and if you want to read more go and check out your latest blog…

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Market Manipulation Explained: The Gold Market- Chris Powell

Market Manipulation Explained: The Gold Market by #ChrisPowell, Secretary/Treasurer and Director @ GATA.ORG

In today’s episode Chris explains how #Centralbanks #intervention affect #GoldPrices. He believes now-a-days central banks are #intervening primarily through the futures markets and through gold leasing and gold swaps with the bullion banks.

He also shares to what extend #Centralbanks are successful in suppressing the gold price and believes that there are no markets anymore, just #intervention!

Chris agrees that not only are the markets manipulated but also that there is manipulation in the information, and he believes that the systems are comprehensively corrupt these days.

He also shares what the future holds for GATA and if you want to know more visit:

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Silver Expected to Rise as Gold Bottoms- Chris Vermeulen

#Silver Expected to rise as Gold bottoms, according to Chris Vermeulen of

In this video, Chris shows the charts patterns that he says predict #silverprices soaring and #gold bottoming. He believes now is the right time to accumulate gold.

He also discusses his views about crypto markets particularly bitcoin, and shares his take on bond markets and bond yields.

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00:00 – Intro
00:38 – Gold

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Best Time To Buy Gold And Silver is Now! – David Brady

The best time to buy gold and silver is now, according to, #GlobalProTrader David Brady.
David shares with us his thoughts about gold as a hedge against inflation and gold as a hedge against the dollar. Using his personal trading methodology FIPESTxM, he discusses rising bond yields and the prospect of Yield Curve Control and how that will affect the prices of #GoldandSilver.

He explains why everyone should buy gold and silver now and why he believes that current developments mean that – There is No Alternative!

He believes that the gold price are being is being carefully monitored by the Central Banks as it acts like a canary in the coal mine, highlighting the problems of excessive money printing and how they will lead to inflation, hyper-inflation or even hyper-stagflation!


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Gold And Silver Prices 2021 – Max Keiser Interview

What’s happening to gold and silver prices 2021?

Max Keiser of The Keiser Report talks to GoldCore CEO Stephen Flood about what’s going on with gold and silver and bitcoin.

With gold and silver prices dropping while bitcoin rallies Max Keiser asks if Bitcoin is putting gold in it’s shadow and acting like a store of wealth and if Bitcoin can replace gold as a hedge against inflation.

Stephen warns about the impact of higher yields on stock markets and why we should be worried about the excessive levels of money printing in the world economies today.

Max Keiser also asks about silver prices going up in response to the #silversqueeze campaign and if it is possible for retail investors to cause a short squeeze in silver and cause silver prices to skyrocket?

Stephen Flood issues a

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Silver Squeeze – Buy Silver But Not Because of This Conspiracy Theory

We’re talking about the silver squeeze today with Miguel Perez-Santalla, the Head of Trading and Sales at Heraeus Metals, one of the worlds largest silver refining operations. Miguel’s recent article expresses concern about fake news circulating in the silver squeeze reddit community r/Wall Street Silver.

The #silversqueeze and #silvershortsqueeze movement which has garnered a large and growing following in #Wallstreetsilver has been buying physical silver in the form of silver bars and silver coins recently. He explains why certain silver news stories circulating are misleading and are not actually evidence of a silver short squeeze but rather part of the natural dynamics of the market and prudent management.

Miguel believes that there are plenty of reasons to buy silver but that

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Jim Rogers Gold 2021 A Warning

In this Jim Rogers Gold 2021 video, Jim warns about that effect that enormous money printing is having on asset price inflation and why everyone should buy gold and silver as an insurance policy. Jim recommends that the best way to buy gold and silver is to own and store physical gold and silver coins and bars.

Although he believes that there are bubbles in various stock markets, bond markets and property markets around the world, there is a chance that things could get even more over-inflated before there is a deep correction.

Jim believes that commodities remain undervalued and that the silver price in particular (40% below its all-time high is set up for a significant move higher over the next few years.

Jim Rogers gives the best investing advice that there is – education is

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How to Prepare for the Coming Crash?

How to prepare for the coming crash?
Louis Gave of Gavekal, one of the world’s leading independent providers of global investment research discusses how you portfolio will be affected by soaring inflation & why you must #OwnGold.

We also discuss why we can expect the US Dollar to weaken significantly as the effect of financial stimulus & #MoneyPrinting take hold, and #Bitcoin may not be all that it seems.

Louis explains how to prepare for the coming crash by ensuring the inclusion of anti-fragile assets in your portfolio and what exactly is an anti-fragile asset!

You can find out about more of what #LouisGave offers here:

GoldCore TV is the home of precious metals market information. Our

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Silver Short Squeeze 2021 is Over? Silver Guru David Morgan Weighs In

Is the Silver Short Squeeze 2021 over before it begins?
Silver Guru David Morgan discusses why #wallstreetbets and investors need to buy physical silver in a sustained manner instead of #SlvStock to drive up the #silverprice and really #shortsqueezesilver

Known as "The Silver Guru", David Morgan is the author of The Morgan Report an investment newsletter that specializes in the silver market and silver bullion. He joins Dave Russell in this episode of #GoldCoreTV to explain what caused the short squeeze in silver and why the initial rally in the silver price was so short lived.

He also advises what physical silver investors should buy (silver bars & silver coins) and why they should not buy silver ETF’s if the want to effect the silver price over the long term.

You can learn more

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Silver Short Squeeze and the $1,000 Target – Reality Check!

The #SilverShortSqueeze has began with WallStreetBets and the RedditArmy encouraging followers to buy physical silver. They are claiming that physical silver bars and coins represent one of the most undervalued assets in the world.
On this episode of #GoldCoreTV GoldCore CEO Stephen Flood and Mark O’Byrne of HealthWealthGold to to Dave Russell of @GoldCoreTV to discuss what is happening in the silver market and what the likely implications are for silver futures and the expected reaction of the bullion banks and more importantly why you should only buy #PhysicalSilver.

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#silvershortsqueeze #buyphysicalsilver #silversqueeze #silver

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Should I Buy Gold or Bitcoin?

Should I Buy Gold or Bitcoin – that’s the question that we are answering in this video.

With all of the attention that Bitcoin is attracting at the moment Dave Russell of GoldCore TV chats with Stephen Flood, CEO of and asks whether you should buy bitcoin or gold.

Is bitcoin a safe haven asset?
Is bitcoin a store of wealth like gold?
What role does bitcoin have in a portfolio?

All this and more answered in this video…

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Chris Vermeulen Gold & Silver Charts Point to Higher Prices GoldCore TV Episode 3

Chris Vermeulen of joins Dave Russell of GoldCore TV.

Chris discusses the chart patterns that the long term gold and silver charts are presenting and what he believe that this means for gold, silver and platinum for 2021.

Chris is an expert technical analyst and also understands the fundamentals of the precious metals markets as well as the importance of an allocation to gold and silver in a portfolio to act as financial insurance.

You can find out more about the services that Chris offers at –


GoldCore TV is the home of precious metals market information. Our channel features news, interviews and podcasts with prominent industry figures to help people

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Gold Will Protect Your Portfolio in the Coming Inflationary Decade

Inflation has already taken hold and the typical portfolio is at risk, according to Ronni Stoferle of Incrementum and author of the "In Gold We Trust" report.

He has just published a special report – "The Boy Who Cried Wolf – Is an Inflationary Decade Ahead?"

He joins Dave Russell of GoldCore TV to discuss this must-read report that serves as a warning to investors and advises of the action that they need to take now.

You can download the full report at:

And subscribe to the In Gold We Trust report here:

0:58 – Is an inflationary decade ahead? Why now?
9:35 – Why recent policy shifts in the money creation process are the most significant inflationary

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What is Driving the Rally in Gold this Week?

We saw a strong rally in precious metals last week, what was the main driver of this?

Oversold and typical bounce that would see after a short term sell off. Counter trend correction. Correction was somewhat expected and tend to see one towards end of year prior to frequently seeing strong gains over the Xmas period and into the New Year.

However speed and scale of the sell off was quite unusual. Counter intuitive as it happened with no significant gold related news or indeed wider economic, financial or market related news that could be attributed to the sell off. There was no corresponding sharp moves in the dollar or stocks markets when gold sell off.

So this had led to the more accusations of market manipulation and Wall Street entities using the futures market to artificially

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Gold – The Latest Research That Shows Why it Will Protect You in The Great Reset

Gold and why it will protect you from "The Great Reset" is the topic of this video update from Mark O’Byrne from GoldCore.

The World Gold Council has release its latest report The Relevance of Gold as a Strategic Asset. We take a look at this report to understand the latest research.

You can download a copy of the report from the World Gold Council here:

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Gold will Go Higher because of these 3 Trends

Gold has begun a new bull market and is set to continue to trend higher over the coming years.

In today’s video update we look at the 3 key trends which will ultimately drive gold higher.

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Could This Trigger the Next Financial Crash?

Turbulence in financial markets continues with tech equity markets particularly effected.

GoldCore CEO Stephen Flood looks at the effect that the buying of equity derivatives by large "Whales" like Softbank, is having on equity markets.

With stocks like Tesla recording PE ratios over 1,200 are we looking at the pin that will burst the tech equity bubble.

Loose monetary policy is set to remain for the foreseeable future and this coupled with these option based "Gamma Trades" has fueled the rally in tech equities since the March 2020 lows,

As investors continue to look for a home for their money, more and more are returning to gold and the historic safe haven that it provides during times of heightened financial uncertainty.

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Outlook For Property, Bitcoin, Cryptos and Gold in the Zombie Economy – Goldnomics Podcast (Part II)

◆ Zombie Currencies Cometh! How To Protect Your Assets and Invest – Goldnomics Podcast (Episode 15, Part II)
◆ Outlook for property (residential and commercial), bitcoin and cryptos and gold and silver bullion (versus gold exchange traded funds or ETFs) is looked at by GoldCore’s Mark O’Byrne (Research Director), Stephen Flood (CEO) and Dave Russell (Director).
◆ Opportunities and risks for investments in a world of "infinite currency" are looked at.
◆ Food, water, agriculture and energy are sectors that will likely outperform as there are things that we need to live and thus sectors which are less cyclical
◆ Investors will likely migrate from index investing in global stock and bond funds and look to invest more locally in local companies, property and land and we can do that using

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Attack of the Zombie Economy – How To Protect Your Assets

◆ Zombie Banks, Corporations, Markets, Economy and Currencies Cometh! – Goldnomics Podcast (Episode 15)
◆ What is the outlook for markets, investments, savings and assets in a world of "infinite currency"?
◆ The opportunity and risks are looked at by GoldCore’s Mark O’Byrne (Research Director), Stephen Flood (CEO) and Dave Russell (Director).
◆ In Part I, we look at the outlook for digital and paper assets – deposits, currencies, bonds and stocks,
◆ In Part II, we look at the outlook for residential and commercial property, bitcoin and crypto currencies and gold bullion.
◆ A balanced portfolio of 60% in equities and 40% in bonds is not balanced and is risky given the very poor economic outlook and the likelihood of a Depression. "Balanced portfolios" will likely under perform a more truly

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Pandemics, Lockdowns, Fake and Manipulated Markets – Gold & Silver Outlook

◆ The massive global debt driven "Everything Bubble" has been burst by the pandemic and more specifically the governments draconian economic lockdowns
◆ A dollar crisis is inevitable with U.S. government debt surging by some $2 trillion in a matter of weeks and ballooning to over $25 trillion

◆ Wall Street has just been bailed out at the expense of Main Street and families and businesses in the U.S. and throughout most of the industrial world

◆ Gold and particularly silver remain good value for those looking for safe havens to hedge the risk of financial dislocations and collapse

◆ Due to ongoing price manipulation in the futures market they have yet to price in the scale of the coming crisis; silver is actually lower despite massive demand as seen in a surge in silver ETF holdings,

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Will COVID19 Push Gold to 5,000?

◆ Yes is the short answer.
◆ Given the scale of the crisis, gold at $5,000 could happen sooner than most expect and it is only a matter of time (see table below).
◆ It is not the Covid-19 panic that will push prices higher. An economic, financial and monetary crisis was inevitable anyway. The pandemic is accelerating and exacerbating this inevitable crisis.
◆ Gold is outperforming other assets and has delivered a 12% dollar return in 2020 year to date. Gold has seen even greater returns in other currencies and is 15% higher in euros and 19% higher in pounds year to date (access YTD 2020 Performance Table – )
◆ Gold fell for a few days after the Lehman collapse but ended 2008 higher by 5.6% and
it continued its gains in 2009, 2010 and in

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