Dave Edwards

Dave Edwards

He is co-editor of Quartz AI. He was previously co-founder and co-editor of Intelligentsia.ai which was acquired by Quartz. Earlier in his career, Dave was a research analyst on Morgan Stanley’s technology research team, covering companies in the internet, software, and cleantech sectors. He also led product marketing for software applications at Apple and Macromedia. Dave has a degree in history from Yale University.

Articles by Dave Edwards

Less Retail Jobs, More Amazon Robots: Get Used To It


When it comes to job creation in the United States, President Trump will be displeased to hear the latest findings from Quartz: 170,000 fewer retail jobs in 2017 – and 75,000 more Amazon robots. In November, we explained that while everyone likes to point the finger at Amazon, America’s retail apocalypse can’t be tied to just one catalyst (see: A Look At America’s Retail Apocalypse In Charts), however, fierce competition in the industry has induced an army of robots at Amazon’s fulfillment centers, which has certainly led to the termination of retail employees across the industry.

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