A Radically Beneficial World: Automation, Technology and Creating Jobs for All: The Future Belongs to Work That Is Meaningful

What if we could hit the reset button on the way we create money, work, commerce and community? This is not an idle question, for technology now enables us to hit that reset button and organize the creation of money, work, commerce and community in new ways. If we could start from scratch, what would a new system look like? To answer that, we must understand why the current system is failing. The current system is based on five principles that are assumed to be true: — Money created by banks trickles down to create work for all — Technology creates more jobs than automation destroys — Centralization is the solution to large-scale economic problems — Expanding debt and consumption (i.e. growth) is the path to prosperity — Maximizing private gain organizes the economy to the benefit of all All five have proven to be untrue. No wonder inequality is rising and opportunity is declining. Clearly, we need a new system that offers what the current system cannot: meaningful work for all. This book describes a global system that integrates money, work, commerce and community in new ways, using social/technical innovations that are already in daily use. This book is the practical blueprint of a new system that offers opportunities for meaningful work and ownership of the sources of prosperity not just to a few, but to everyone. In this system, every individual has the power to change the system for the betterment of themselves and every other participant. Being at the top of the heap is no longer a prerequisite. Everyone who is powerless in the current arrangement is empowered in this new system. Empowered to not just better themselves and their family, but better their community and the larger community of Planet Earth. A radically beneficial world beckons—what are we waiting for?

Author: Charles Hugh Smith

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Publication Date: 2015-11-04

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