Zeus Yiamouyiannis

Zeus Yiamouyiannis

Zeus Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D., is founder and chief operator of CitizenZeus.com. His desire to develop progressively more effective and responsive forms of learning have led him on an odyssey through nearly every sphere in the education arena from tutoring, to school teaching, to research and policy, to education professor, to charter schools, to think-tanks leading discussions on the future of learning.

Articles by Zeus Yiamouyiannis

Ending a Taking Economy and Creating a Giving Economy (Part 1)

The world can no longer afford a taking economy, where “make a killing” is the motto. Together we need to create a giving and sharing economy that helps us all “make a living.” This essay will unveil the present unjust and unworkable economic system that punishes responsibility and rewards fraud.

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