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Toward a Heiddegerian Libertarianism?

How to Nurture Truth and Authenticity: A Metamodern Economic Reform Proposalby Justin CarmienManticore Press, 2022; 272 pp.
Neither I nor Justin Carmien, the author of How to Nurture Truth and Authenticity, is an economist. Carmien’s book, however, is not a work of economics but a philosophical attempt to apply Heideggerian metaphysics to practical statesmanship and political economy. Nor is it an academic book: it is written with naïve yet deep insight, a result of the author’s self-taught knowledge of philosophy, years of experience in the creative industry, and work in political consultancy. As such, even if serious scholars of political economy do not find value in this book, statesmen who apply proposals in local government may be inspired by its ideas.
Carmien begins with a long and

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