Oswald Gruebel

Oswald Gruebel

Oswald J. Grübel is a German banker who was the Group Chief Executive Officer of Swiss bank UBS AG from 26 February 2009 until his sudden resignation on the 24 September 2011 in the wake of the 2011 UBS rogue trader scandal. Previously, he has been head of Credit Suisse between 2003 and 2007.

Articles by Oswald Gruebel

Former CEO Of UBS And Credit Suisse: “Central Banks Are Past The Point Of No Return, It Will All End In A Crash”

Remember when bashing central banks and predicting financial collapse as a result of monetary manipulation and intervention was considered “fake news” within the “serious” financial community, disseminated by fringe blogs? In an interview with Swiss Sonntags Blick titled appropriately enough “A Recession Is Sometimes Necessary”, the former CEO of UBS and Credit Suisse, Oswald Grübel, lashed out by criticizing the growing strength of central banks and their ‘supremacy over the markets and other banks’

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