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SNB Jordan: Strong Swiss Franc limits Swiss inflation

SNBs JordanStrong CHF limits swiss inflation
See no sign swiss wage price cycle
Inflation stubbornly above 2% would lead to policy tightening
Difficult to say whether global rates have turned, much still depend on economic development
CHF has remained stable in real termsAsked about real estate prices, Jordan says monetary policy aims primarily at price stabilityThe SNB is not investing in crypto currencies
The USDCHF has moved to new session lows (higher CHF) and in the process has moved below the 100 hour MA at 0.92677. The 38.2% at 0.9246 is the next target on the downside. Stay below the 100 hour MA is now a close risk for the sellers. USDCHF falls below the 100 hour MAADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW

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