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Bitcoin technical analysis 05 Aug 2022

BTCUSD is in the middel of the presented regression channel and traders seem to be waiting for the next move.

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Bitcoin traders are battling it out in the short term. Find out why in this video.

ETHUSD technical analysis @ 1663.27 on 05 Aug. Will the bull flag be broken to the upside?

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Russell futures technical analysis for 05 Aug 2022

Major US indices open mixed. NASDAQ up. S&P near unchanged
Dow industrial average marginally lower.

Russell 2000 broke up the bull flag and showing some resting, probably temporarily.

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Nasdaq futures technical analysis 05 Aug 2022

Also see Nasdaq related news at Forexlive as USD slides, oil falls to the worst since Feb 2

Other technical analysis from ForexLive

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Bitcoin traders are battling it out in the short term

The price of bitcoin has been consolidating near low levels and maintains a negative bias on the daily chart. However, there is some ambiguity from a short term perspective for the pair.

In this video, I breakdown the battle that is going on and explain the risks and bias from a technical perspective..

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ETHUSD technical analysis and how to manage a profitable short trade

A followup to the technical analysis on Ethereum and its short trade idea from 2 agao go, provided here: –nI

Now that etheruem is at $1560, the trade is successful, but the stop loss of the ETHUSD short trade is too far. What should be done? Lower the entrance stop to prevent loss? Or abandon the trade? Or partial profit, and how much?

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Drilling down through the AUDUSD charts. What are they showing?

The AUDUSD has been rebounding since the low on July 14 and has moved up to test the 38.2% of the 2022 range on the daily chart.  

The hourly chart has shown some up and down volatility of late but some bullish buying tendencies.

The 5-minute correction today held the 50% but is stalling at a ceiling for the day. 

What does the combined story – and drill down – tell us about the pair’s bias and risk levels along with key targets ahead?

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VIDEO: A technical look at the EURUSD, USDJPY and GBPUSD to start the trading week

The EURUSD moved higher into the London morning session but backed off after reaching the top end of the recent up and down price action (once again). Still waiting for a break.

The USDJPY moved to a new low and in the process inched closer to a key cluster of support on the daily chart. Sellers in control.

The GBPUSD moved to a new high and left some short term support floors on the downside.

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Ethereum technical analysis

Some say the most significant component of technical analysis is price movement.

ETHUSD hasn’t closed a daily candle around $1700 in 3 days. This indicates a lack of bullish momentum to drive Ethereum to a new price level.

Technically, ETH is a bear flag. Bear flags continue downtrends. Bear flags have a strong downward move followed by an upward consolidation channel. ETHUSD looks to be in a channel, even without a bear channel, after touching its upper band. Previously lucrative Longs may take partial or full profit, and fresh bears may begin short positions.

The Ethereum technical analysis video illustrates the 14-day RSI and simple moving average, and we search for an approaching crossing. RSI shows market strength and weakness. Many traders use it to spot price momentum changes

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FOMC Day. What levels are in play for the EURUSD, USDJPY and GBPUSD

The FOMC decision will be announced at 2 PM ET with expectations for a 75 basis point hike (see Adam’s preview HERE)..

Rate decision days can be a long drawn out affair between the rate decision and the press conference that lasts an hour. That time and running headlines can cause additional market volatility. Traders have to decide if they want to take on that additional risk.

Those that do, need to fully understand the bias defining levels that would tilt the momentum in the direction of the bulls or bears and use those levels to their advantage.

In this video, I outlines the key levels in play for the EURUSD, USDJPY and GBPUSD — the 3 major currency pairs vs the USD.  Traders can use them to define and limit risk as well as fully understand the bias that is controlling the

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Google stock analysis & trade idea after earnings

Yesterday, Google reported earnings. GOOG’s 3% after-hours gain after the results report reinforces the view that its 32.5 percent drop from its all-time high (in January 2021) to its most recent low (in May 2022) may be adequate.

This may mean good companies have changed enough and bad ones need to shrink.

The video presents a technical analysis of the Google stock, with a weekly Anchored VWAP from the COVID collapse bottom. VWAP considers price and volume and tends to act as resistance and support for the stock price.

Also, a daily technical analysis of Google stock uses regression channels to suggest buy/sell spots.

Google stock analysis & trade idea after earnings:

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FOMC preview: Watch for a subtle shift

Signs of an economic slowdown are here but what will move markets on the FOMC decision are signs of a slowdown in the pace of rate hikes.
The market can get laser-focused on the small difference between 75 basis points and 100 basis points but what ultimately matters is the terminal destination of rates. Don’t look for the Fed to say anything explicit, like that they see a peak in inflation. The Fed is missing its mandate on price stability badly with inflation at 9.1% y/y and the failure to foresee rising prices or act quickly enough has left it wounded politically. What happens when Fed officials see evidence of rapidly-slowing growth? We may be about to find out. In all likelihood, it means they shift to a slower pace of rate hikes or more of a wait-and-see mode.

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Bitcoin follows the key technicals that can lead to big dollar moves

In bitcoin, the most active digital currency, traders ask me if they follow technical tools like the ones I use in analyzing currencies, stocks, bonds, and commodities.

The answer is …..YES.

Traders like to define and limit risk and certain technical tools do just that no matter the instrument.

IN this video, I look at the price action of bitcoin on the daily and hourly chart and show how traders can and did, use technicals that led to some big dollar moves in the digital currency

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Stock Market Today: Updates, S&P technical analysis and stock market forecast

Asia follows Wall Street’s bearish lead from Friday. Slow growth and tighter regulations affect markets.

Today’s losses on the Australian stock market extend yesterday’s. The S&P/ASX 200 fell below 6,800 on Friday.

After Snapchat’s (SNAP) dismal results and stock price drop last week, investors wonder if this is a sign of bigger economic concerns. Alphabet, Apple, Intel, Microsoft, and Meta will report earnings this week.

Oil fell in Asia Monday on concerns a Fed rate hike will reduce demand.

Bitcoin -3.4%, $21827; ETH -5.3%, $1513; BNB -2.5%, $254.8 S&P futures are down 0.22 percent this morning due to Asian markets.

Technical Analysis: This S&P futures video forecasts today’s stock market. This is just one viewpoint; do your own research and trade the stock market at your own

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Bitcoin technical anlalysis & managing a profitable bitcoin short trade

We follow up on the trade idea shown here:

And how to manage a profitable trade by adjusting a stop in order to break even within a worse case scanrio. We do that by exiting one third of the position at a new take profit target. We show the principle of calculating that.

Furthermore, Bitcoin is cooling off after faking out a breakout at the top of th presented channel, so the bears have gained control for the short term, at least. Watch how price reacts at the upcoming 20 EMA of the daily, as shown within the video.

See the full technical analysis and trade idea followup:

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