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Declaring Independence from the Parasite Caste

July 4 is approaching, and many Americans are excited to celebrate their so-called independence. Why? How will this July 4 be any different from that of 2020? Haven’t the past three years revealed that Americans not only take liberty for granted but readily reject it? Is it not the least bit curious that some, if not most, of those who’ll be setting off fireworks also begged to be locked down and masked? Yes, the frauds that are “public health” and “democracy” have been exposed over the past three years, but what’s changed?
Doubling down on idiocy seems just as politically profitable as exposing it, so perhaps the talking heads have no interest in solutions. Their acolytes, who’d rather be coddled than be free, likewise have no interest in solutions beyond believing whatever makes them

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Low Rates of Military Enlistment May Portend Prosperity Ahead

A century ago, the US coal industry was at its peak employing 883,000, and today, coal employs fewer than 41,000. Is that a bad thing? Is the US worse off because of this? Though it’s remarkable––that 95 percent fewer coal miners are needed to power a population that’s now 2.9 times larger––can you name someone who cares? Is declining employment in the coal industry a threat to “national security”? Do the majority bemoan the rapidly declining prevalence of black lung? I’m sure there are some who’ve been personally harmed by the coal industry’s decimation––I’m not making light of that––but those who voluntarily chose another profession vivify what’s been disregarded for the past three years: trade-offs.
Those who toiled beneath the soil weighed the benefits of compensation against the

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