Andrew Moran

Andrew Moran

Andrew Moran is the Economics Correspondent at and is the author of The War on Cash. You can find more of his work at

Videos by Andrew Moran

Virtual EnCore | “The Aeneid, History, and Tradition” featuring Dr. Moran

View a video presentation by Associate Professor of English Andrew Moran, BA ’91 MA ’99 PhD ’04, “The Aeneid, History, and Tradition” which is taken from a free course in the Studies in Catholic Faith & Culture Program at UD.   After the lecture, Dr. Moran will join us in a live discussion moderated by Dr. Michael West.

About EnCore
EnCore is a lecture series, conducted by faculty of the University of Dallas in conjunction with the Office of Alumni Relations. The lectures are offered to alumni and friends and reframe topics from the Core curriculum in fresh perspectives.

About the Studies in Catholic Faith and Culture Program
The Studies in Catholic Faith and Culture Program facilitates intellectual formation in the Catholic liberal arts tradition by offering video based courses

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