Alex Stanczyk

Alex Stanczyk

As one of several principle architects of Physical Gold Fund , Mr. Stanczyk has been involved in core aspects of the Fund design and structuring, as well as coordinating strategic relationships required to launch the Fund. In 2011, Mr. Stanczyk played a key role as a designer of and advisor to the world’s first non-bank private custody fully SICAV compliant precious metals fund, the Luxembourg Precious Metals Fund – LFP Prime SICAV SIF.

Articles by Alex Stanczyk

A Gold Guy’s View Of Crypto, Bitcoin, And Blockchain

Bitcoin Price, Oct - Dec 2017

Bitcoin was on my radar far back as 2011, but for years, I didn’t think much of it. It was a curiosity. Nothing more. Sort of like the virtual money you use in World of Warcraft or something. In 2015, looking deeper, I slowly (not the sharpest tool in the shed) arrived at that “aha” inflection point that most advocates of honest money arrive at. I realized that a distributed public ledger has the power to change, well, everything.

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